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Farmers need more light, less heat, in tax proposal debate

The sector’s reaction to proposed changes has been needlessly alarmist

The federal government is proposing changes to the Income Tax Act aimed at collecting revenue from corporations that are using certain measures as loopholes to shelter profits from being taxed at the same rate as other Canadians’ income. There is a very heated debate in the farm community about these tax proposals, largely because some

An anti-CETA protest in Vienna, Austria in 2016.

CETA: A false solution to economic and political woes

Since Donald Trump took office as president of the United States, a shocking list of executive orders is making people around the world uneasy about unpredictable days ahead. Democracy and civil liberties are in peril. It is reasonable for Canadian and European officials to respond with concern to Trump’s aberrations. But it appears that, fearing

Free trade, rural Canada and how to avoid being Trumped

Free trade agreements aren’t the panacea they’re purported to be, a better approach is needed

Over the decades since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and later, NAFTA, was signed, Canadian agriculture has undergone a significant shift. There was once a multitude of diverse local and regional economic drivers, but now we have a “one-size-fits-all” export-driven, low-priced commodity production model. Farm capital needs have skyrocketed as illustrated by the massive

The TPP attacks democracy and supply management

The TPP attacks democracy and supply management

Increasing imports of U.S. milk would be blended with Canadian product

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is designed to entrench the interests of foreign corporations at the expense of our sovereignty and democratic processes. Its Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism gives foreign corporations the right to sue our government if they believe future profits will be reduced as a result of democratically enacted measures. ISDS puts

A terminal at the Port of Vancouver

Desire for grain price control drives G3 port plans

More port capacity will allow grain companies to widen their margins

G3 has announced it may build a new grain terminal at the West Lynn terminal on the North Shore of Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet. G3 is the joint venture of U.S.-based multinational grain company, Bunge Ltd., and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co. (SALIC), owned by the Saudi government. It was given the assets of

farmer standing in a field with bales

Does CETA offer any real value to Canadian farmers?

Trade agreements may offer negative outcomes for Canadians

On September 26, the federal government announced that negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union (CETA) have been finalized. A normal procedure for such a substantial change in a democratic society allows for a broad discussion, with debate and hearings, about impacts on various groups of people and economic sectors before