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Canada working to diversify canola seed sales

This crop year exports to several countries have risen

Canada is working to diversify its canola seed sales, says Brian Innes, the Canola Council of Canada’s vice-president of public affairs. “As an industry we are doing what we can to diversify,” Innes said in an interview from Geneva, Switzerland Oct. 28 where Canada and China had their first face-to-face meeting over the canola dispute. […] Read more

MASC wants payments to farmers out quickly to aid cash flow

That means some payments will be advanced before claims are settled

Getting crop insurance payments out quickly to eligible Manitoba farmers is a top priority for the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) in the wake of the most challenging harvest in years. That includes, where applicable, advancing claim payments to farmers who still have unharvested crop and crop insurance claims haven’t been finalized, David Van Deynze, MASC’s vice-president of […] Read more

Worries begin for how 2019’s wet conditions could impact 2020

KAP president Bill Campbell says get Excess Moisture Insurance — the deadline is Dec. 2

This is probably not the year to skip Excess Moisture Insurance, according to Minto-area farmer and KAP president Bill Campbell. As Manitoba farmers struggle to get the rest of this year’s crop off, there are already worries about what 2020 might bring. “In our particular area we may not seed a crop,” Keystone Agricultural Producers […] Read more

Manitoba farmers need manure spreading flexibility this fall

The Manitoba government’s deadline is almost here, but wet weather has kept applicators out of the field

The manure could soon hit the proverbial fan. The Nov. 10 deadline for applying manure to Manitoba fields, as well as fertilizer, is just a few days away. As of last week many livestock farmers hadn’t emptied their hog manure lagoons or cattle pens because wet weather prevented some fields from being harvested, while many […] Read more

How effective is spring manure application?

In some ways spring is the best time to apply manure, but in other ways it’s not. Crops get the best use of nutrients when applied in the spring, but with seeding being a priority there’s often not a lot of time, says Petra Loro, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development’s livestock environment specialist. But if […] Read more

Frost ends Manitoba potato harvest

'Two bad years in a row hurts,' says potato growers association manager

Frost last week ended Manitoba’s potato harvest, leaving thousands of acres undug. It’s the second year wet soils prevented potato farmers from getting all the crop off before heavy frost ruined it. And while the final figures aren’t in, an estimated 12,000 acres of potatoes worth more than $50 million, didn’t get dug, says Dan […] Read more

New tool on the way for canola growers safeguards against blackleg

Saltro is a new seed treatment to control blackleg at the seedling stage expected to be available for the 2021 growing season

A new fungicide to protect canola seedlings from blackleg, a major yield-robbing disease, could be available as a seed treatment for the 2021 growing season. It’s called Saltro and was developed by Syngenta. “Syngenta anticipates registration in time to make it available for use in the 2021 growing season,” Sarah Osborne, company marketing operations manager, […] Read more

Survey says: Farmers reject proposed seed royalty models

Farmer skepticism on end point and trailing royalties proposals came through loud and clear in a recent survey

Proponents of royalties proposals to fund cereals variety development need to either head back to the drawing board or do a better job of making their case. A recent survey from the three Prairie general farm organizations conducted to gauge farmer response to the two proposals for end point or trailing royalties found a deep […] Read more

Opinion: Agriculture faces challenges with Liberal minority government

With no western MPs and plenty of other priorities, the sector will fight not to be sidelined

Agriculture didn’t get a lot of attention during the recent federal election and that’s not likely to change with the new Liberal minority government. The government’s priority is survival. That means a laser-like focus on immediate issues, as well as fulfilling major election promises — affordability, climate change and a national pharmacare program. The ‘progressive’ […] Read more

Time to re-engage on seed royalty discussion

SeCan’s Todd Hyra says more resources are needed

If plant breeders are going to develop the next AAC Brandon, they need the resources to do it, says Todd Hyra, SeCan’s business manager for Western Canada. Last fall consultations led by the federal government on two new options — trailing and end point royalties — met with some stiff push-back from farmers. Both options […] Read more