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A pedestrian crossing in front of the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019.

Trade woes prompt ministerial discussion

Bibeau speaks to EU counterpart as WTO reports stark trade drop

Trade – or the lack of it – was at the top of the agenda during a June 23 discussion between federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and her European Union counterpart, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Janusz Wojciechowski. According to the federal government, the two discussed the importance of the Canada-EU relationship and reiterated

A question often coming into sharp focus is the cost of becoming overly reliant on China as a trading partner.

Editor’s Take: China is our greatest ‘frenemy’

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that China makes its own rules when it comes to trade. Its 2002 membership in the World Trade Organization is an excellent example. The rest of the world agreed to give China open access to markets, ostensibly in exchange for similar access to China’s. One can hardly

An Australian farmer unloads barley at a farm near Gunnedah, 275 miles northwest of Sydney.

Australian barley farmers, Canadian canola growers share Chinese nemesis

China is Australia’s biggest malting barley market, but Chinese tariffs will all but stop Australian barley imports. Sound familiar?

Australian barley farmers and Canadian canola producers are on opposite sides of the world, but share a common blight: China, once their best customer is now a hostile adversary, accused of letting geopolitical goals sideline international trade rules. May 19 China, which accounts for two-thirds of Australia’s malting barley exports, imposed an 80.5 per cent

Qu Dongyu.

Pandemic a threat to global food supply: FAO

Supply chains are the weakest link and require massive collaboration

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says COVID-19 is a threat to global food security that must be mitigated by ensuring supply chains are not disrupted. Agriculture ministers from G20 countries held a joint meeting, where FAO director general Qu Dongyu said preserving access to safe food and nutrition is an essential health response to the pandemic. “We need to

China continues to produce, import and consume plenty of canola. But for the past year very little has come from Canada.

One year after China canola ban, there is still no resolution

No easy resolution to China/Canada trade dispute, says Canola Council of Canada president

March 6, 2020 marked a sombre anniversary for Canada’s canola industry. It’s been a year since China banned the majority of imports of Canadian canola, and an end to the ban is nowhere in sight. “It’s a very frustrating situation for producers and the industry,” said Jim Everson, president of the Canola Council of Canada.

“The WTO and the rules-based system help our Canadian businesses, because they have the rules that they can depend on which helps them make the decisions... ” – Mary Ng, Export Promotion and International Trade Minister.

Canada promotes trade order

Ng quiet on U.S.-China trade deal, as fight for WTO reform continues

Canada’s Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Minister Mary Ng had little to say of the newly signed U.S.-China trade deal, claiming her office was still carefully reviewing it. Details of the first phase of the deal show China is committed to buying an additional US$40 billion to US$50 billion in agricultural products from

Even as North America’s new trade deal clears a major hurdle, the WTO faces an existential crisis.

Farmers caught in WTO crossfire

The U.S. is letting the global trade bloc wither on the vine, while it fights economic wars

As the World Trade Organization faces a crisis that renders it impotent and potentially on the verge of dissolving, Manitoba farmers are facing more trade uncertainty than ever. “We’re really in unchartered territory here,” University of Manitoba agricultural economist Ryan Cardwell said in an interview Dec. 12, while attending a trade meeting in Washington, D.C.