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Rikard Landberg says it’s eating enough whole grains, not what type, 
that fights diabetes.

All whole grains fight diabetes

New research says the most important thing is 
that you eat enough of them

It doesn’t matter if it’s rye, oats, or wheat. As long as it is whole grain, it can prevent Type 2 diabetes. This is the finding of a new study from Swedish researchers from the Chalmers University of Technology. The ability to use whole grains for prevention of Type 2 diabetes — previously sometimes known

Hulled barley is a whole grain because it still has all its germ and bran present, unlike pearl or pot barley.

Enjoy whole grains more often

Gate to Plate: Beef ’n Barley Soup
, Saskatoon and 
wheatberry salad
 and No-bake granola bar

For most of us, getting Canada’s Food Guide’s recommended six to seven servings of grains per day is fairly easy. It’s making sure that at least half of those servings are from whole grains that’s challenging. According to research quoted by dietitians, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Diabetes Association and the Alzheimer’s Society, making

Canada - U.S. border crossing

Everything you ever wanted to know about shipping grain to the U.S.

Online publication includes info on weight restrictions, phytosanitary certificates and more

Canadian and American grain companies have a new resource to assist them when buying or transhipping grain to or through each other’s countries. The goal is to expedite grain trading between the two nations and beyond following the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board’s single desk. “We’ve seen all sorts of border challenges in other

sunny field of barley

Barley, a smart carbohydrate

Recipe Swap: Savory Butternut Squash Barley Pilaf, Quick Breakfast Bread, and Curried Chicken and Barley

With winter well on its way early November is when we look for those filling, satisfying foods that give us energy and comfort for coping with cold weather. Barley recipes are especially popular during the month of November for many reasons. They’re the perfect ingredient for making the soups and stews we like to make

People making millet pancakes in a kitchen.

Will it be millet?

It’s time for the Great Manitoba Food Fight and St. Claude’s Millet King 
is among 10 contestants hoping for a taste of victory

It’s technically a seed, but categorized as a grain because it’s one of the world’s most commonly cooked and eaten staples. Yet North Americans have either never heard of millet, or know it as livestock feed or birdseed. Gluten-free, nutritious millet has a fighting chance to gain popularity with health-conscious consumers too, says a Manitoba

Open-market supporters optimistic post-CWB monopoly

There’s lots of optimism ahead of ending the wheat board’s monopoly Aug. 1, but there will be challenges too, according to a panel that spoke at the Canada Grain Council’s 43rd annual meeting in Winnipeg April 16. “I just say the sky is the limit now,” said Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association president Kevin Bender.

Meal In A Can Contains Hulless Oats

Campbell’s Canada’s launch of a new canned meal product containing naked oats is pure vindication for the Interlake farmer who has invested years in promoting the variety as an important new crop. The Canadian food product company recently announced the launch of Nourish, a 425-g completely meal-in-a-can product which, in addition to two servings of

As Usual Moderation Is The Key

Who can resist the aroma, texture and flavour of fresh-baked bread? Unfortunately, bread sometimes has been viewed as a villain in the world of weight management and weight loss. Some fad diets completely cut out grains and lots of nutrients in the process. Can we gain weight by regularly eating more calories from bread than

Grain Handler Viterra Buys U. S. Processor

Top Canadian grain handler Vi terra said May 27 it will buy 21st Century Grain Processing in a $90.5-million cash deal that brings it an oat mill and wheat mill in the United States. The oat mill in South Sioux City, Nebraska, can store four million bushels and process up to 295 tonnes of commercial