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The Jacksons

We need to get away,” said Andrew Jackson leaning back in his chair and tossing his section of the newspaper onto the table so emphatically that his wife Rose had to put out her hand to stop it from sliding off the edge and onto the floor. Rose looked at the paper for a moment

More questions from readers

Dear Reena, How can I prevent rice from sticking to the pot while cooking and ending up with a ball of “glump” (to use one of your words)? Therran Hello Therran, One way to prevent rice from sticking to the pot is to cook it in the microwave. For one cup of rice, add two

Update kitchen cabinets with paint

Dated or worn kitchen cabinets can be a huge eyesore, and no matter how much you decorate around them, they still stick out like a sore thumb. Replacing them is a huge expense that is not always necessary if the cabinets are in decent shape. Refacing cabinets is a less expensive endeavour but might still

From cleaning stippled ceilings to stoneware

Dear Reena, Our daughters are backpacking in Europe and they have asked us how to remove the smell from their microfibre towels. Washing them (likely by hand) is not doing the trick. — Thanks, Guy Guy, The first suggestion for the girls is to leave the towels on a line to dry after each use

Discoloured counters? Paint on denim?

Hello Reena, I would like to thank you for all your work in helping us live green! I have read a tip on getting rid of ladybugs. Where I live everyone encourages them in their gardens to eat aphids. I have always known ladybugs to be beneficial insects. What do you think? — Rose Dear

Weekend kitchen updates

Walls Try a different look with a fresh coat of paint in a cheery new colour. You don’t necessarily have to paint the entire room to get the updated look you desire. You can paint just a focal wall or paint a band of the new colour on the wall near the ceiling. If you

Questions for Reena

Dear Reena, I have taken on a new hobby — growing popcorn in my garden! What is the best way to store popcorn so that it stays fresh? — Biannce Hi Biannce, Popcorn is a great treat year round. One of the advantages of growing it in your garden is that you can sample some

CDC Triffid contamination on the decline

Officials from Canada’s flax industry are in Europe this week to brief government and industry officials on the progress Canada is making removing traces of CDC Triffid, a genetically modified (GM) flax, from Canadian flax. “It’s getting less and less frequent and less and less intense,” Flax Council of Canada president Will Hill said in

A gift of love

My sister-in-law has multiple health problems and needs a cane to walk safely. She’s been given walking sticks, hiking sticks and a normal cane. The problem is, however, that she has nothing in her collection that is pretty — you know — to dress up and go out. I remedied that with a pretty floral