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Letters: Pedersen should listen to young producers

My name is Dakota Sorensen. I am 26 years old. My partner Kaitlin and I moved to Eddystone in June 2019, looking to build a ranch and raise a family in Manitoba. I put up everything I had to buy a ranch, composed largely of Crown lease land. Now, on top of large farm payments,

Responses to the announcement of office closures ranged from some thinking the changes were long overdue, while others worried about job cuts and a decline in services.

Swath of MARD, MASC offices slated for closure

Any cost savings will be eclipsed by investments in new technology, says Pedersen

Reactions were mixed as Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development announced it would close 21 of its community offices in the name of modernization. On Twitter, a farmer called it “10 years overdue” while others pointed to a decline in services the offices provided. Others worried that staff would lose their jobs and that services would

New Year sees increase in ethanol blend requirements

The Manitoba government announced plans on Dec. 22 to adopt new blend requirements for ethanol in gasoline and for biodiesel in diesel. “We are taking the steps necessary to meet our GHG reduction targets, and have extensively worked with and consulted stakeholders,” said Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard. “We are leading the nation with

AMM passes resolutions on municipal autonomy

Municipal leaders fear provincial Bill 37 will strip authority from local elected officials in favour of provincial tribunals

Manitoba’s municipalities are calling for the province to stop undermining their authority. Delegates passed two resolutions calling for changes to a provincial bill which they fear will reduce municipal governments’ power over their constituencies during the Association of Manitoba Municipalities virtual AGM on November 23. “(Bill 37) allows applicants to challenge the decisions… that duly elected municipal councils make in

“The transitionary provision was never operative because the moratorium on unit transfers was never lifted.” – Blaine Pedersen, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister.

Muddled messages on Crown land transitional measure

Ag Minister Blaine Pedersen says the transitional transfer set to be repealed, to the dismay of leaseholders, was never operational

Provincial Agriculture Minister Blaine Pedersen says a transitional measure on the chopping block under proposed Crown land regulations was never actually in play. Earlier this fall, forage leaseholders raised concern with the potential removal of the measure, which would have allowed those who held their lease prior to last year’s Crown land changes to transfer

Letters: Unit transfers on Crown Lands never policy

As Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development, I believe it is important and timely to clear up a few misconceptions concerning Agricultural Crown Land Leases and modernization of Crown land leases, legacy leases and unit transfers. Through 2018 and 2019, in consultation with stakeholders, the ACL Program undertook a comprehensive regulatory review to align future

Editor’s Take: Un-plandemic

It’s an old axiom: if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Nowhere, it would appear, is this truer than when it comes to battling the COVID-19 pandemic. As our Geralyn Wichers reports for the front-page story in our Nov. 26 issue of the Co-operator, Manitoba processors who had plans in place to

Letters: Crown land leaseholders betrayed

Our provincial minister of agriculture wants you to believe that he generously gave leaseholders what they wanted after there was a huge uproar over proposed Crown land modernization changes made by then minister Ralph Eichler. That is not the case. After huge leaseholder protests, Ralph Eichler conceded and agreed to bring back family transfers, ensuring

Forage leaseholders express their displeasure with the loss of unit transfers at a packed meeting in Ste. Rose du Lac last Oct. 15.

Leaseholders decry transitional transfer loss

Forage leaseholders say the Crown land changes currently on the table would hit retiring farmers

Forage leaseholders say any of their number looking to retire will be in for a tough time, should changes to Agricultural Crown Land regulations go through as tabled. The changes, currently up for public consultation, mainly deal with adding in a first right of renewal for legacy leases — those forage and grazing leases in