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Research critical to successful protein strategy

Up to $100,000 in federal, provincial funds promised to develop a provincial research strategy

A well-aligned research community is crucial to meet goals set in the Manitoba Protein Advantage strategy, says the person who will helm a provincial research effort. This will begin by taking stock of what’s already available in the province. “What we want to try to do is to make sure that we’ve got that framework

The Manitoba government announced it will extend a ban on moose hunting by another year.

Law banning night hunting proclaimed

Moose hunting bans extended, decried by First Nation and Metis groups

A law increasing restrictions on night hunting is now in force, the province announced today. Bill 29, which amends the Wildlife Management Act, passed in the legislature in 2018 but was not proclaimed into law until today. The law establishes a general prohibition on night hunting, minimum fines for people convicted of dangerous hunting, and

University of Manitoba to helm protein research

Up to $100,000 in federal, provincial funds promised to develop research strategy

Researchers at the University of Manitoba will lead the charge to develop a new protein research plan as part of the Manitoba Protein Advantage strategy. The governments of Canada and Manitoba will give up to $100,000 in funding to develop the research strategy and establish a protein research chair, announced federal ag minister Marie-Claude Bibeau

Pea production is still viewed somewhat skeptically by many Manitoba producers.

COVID-19 no cause for course change on protein, says ag-minister Pedersen

Animal protein a likely weak spot and more agronomic support needed for peas to fill growing demand

Ag Minister Blaine Pedersen says he doesn’t anticipate any changes to Manitoba’s protein strategy despite the adversity of COVID-19. “It is progressing very well,” he told the Co-operator. “I don’t really foresee any changes.” The strategy, with the vision of making Manitoba North America’s protein supplier of choice by 2025, rolled out last September. Its goals include attracting

Letters: Time for new priorities

In response to the Aug. 31 story in the Manitoba Co-operator, “Municipal Board considering benchmark ruling.” Very often we hear the outcry for economic development and resurrection of employment with no concerns whatsoever for water sources, environment and a quality of living. Only a degree of risk is sometimes mentioned. Without water, there is no

Water bound for the increasingly stressed dam at Rivers pools at Rapid City July 1.

Province announces disaster financial assistance for three 2020 floods

Southwest and southeast saw disastrous overland flooding after heavy rains in June, July

The province will give disaster financial assistance for victims of three high-water events this year, announced infrastructure minister Ron Schuler today. Schuler pledged over $2 million to communities in Southeastern Manitoba. Heavy rains in early June caused heavy overland flooding along the Rat River and in six southeastern municipalities. Local news outlet Steinbach Online reported

Letters: Quarry fight reveals undermining of democracy

In response to letters by Jon Crowson and Ruth Pryzner in the Aug. 6 Manitoba Co-operator: Democracy — It was paid for by the blood and casualties of veterans and those who paid the supreme sacrifice, who now lie in graves in distant lands, far from their loved ones, family and homeland. I am a

Ag Minister Blaine Pedersen speaks to producers in Neepawa during a tour of the province in this photo posted to Twitter.

Manitoba ag minister asks for producer engagement ahead of annual ministers’ conference

AgriStability among issues top of mind during Pedersen’s tour of province

The province is asking farmers to give their opinions on several topics ahead of October’s annual meeting of provincial ag ministers. “We are committed to bringing the voices of farmers forward,” said Blaine Pedersen, minister of agriculture and resource development in an Aug. 4 news release. Through an online forum, the province is inviting producers

The proposed quarry site, currently a sunflower field and abandoned farm site. A barn and a house on the site were demolished this spring.

Letters: The ugly side of Bill 19

Geralyn Wichers needs to be commended for her in-depth reporting on the Lilyfield Quarry controversy. After all that has transpired in the RM of Rosser, one has to wonder what part of “no” the quarry developer has trouble understanding. Now, under Bill 19, we face the prospect of the ruling Conservatives’ proxy, in the form

Letters: Quarry fight reveals Bill 19 undermines representation

The people in the RM of Rosser are experiencing first hand what those who opposed Bill 19 understood was the real purpose of the bill. To reduce people’s ability to protect themselves from certain developments contrary to their interests and for municipal councils to properly represent them. The message is clear. People and their quality