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Manitoba producers can forget any quick relief on the business risk management file, provincial Agriculture Minister Blaine Pedersen says.

AgriStability changes not coming any time soon, says ag-minister Pedersen

The die is set for this iteration of federal-provincial farm support programs

Manitoba Agriculture Minister Blaine Pedersen has thrown cold water on the reforms Canadian farmers have sought for years to improve AgriStability. “We are not going there any time soon just because of the cost implications for the Prairie provinces,” he said in an interview June 11. Asked if Manitoba farmers should stop lobbying for the changes, Pedersen replied: “This will be what the

The twisted frame of a cultivator tells the tale of a bad experience with a frost boil this spring near Somerset.

The year of the frost boil

The ground in rural Manitoba had some extra obstacles this spring, and farmers say it’s been hard on equipment

Les McEwan knows all about headaches caused by frost boils. He had just turned onto the gravel road after working up one of his fields near Somerset in mid-May. He was going slow, still folding up the wings of his cultivator. “I felt the tractor hit the soft spot in the road and I’m thinking, ‘Gee, I better be

Editor’s Take: Where’s the beef?

When did Manitoba become a laggard? There was a time when the Keystone province embraced bold visions, naysayers be damned. Duff Roblin’s response to the 1950 flood is an excellent example of this lost glory. Roblin, a Progressive Conservative, assumed the role of premier in the late spring of 1958, and before long he was

All three Prairie provinces have now said they will be drawing on AgriRecovery.

Manitoba to join in on AgriRecovery program

Manitoba will join the other Prairie provinces requesting AgriRecovery funds for a beef set aside program

Manitoba will be opting into AgriRecovery to help offset the financial hit from COVID-19. Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen confirmed May 29 that Manitoba has signed on for beef set aside funds, offered through AgriRecovery. “Manitoba is working with the federal government,” he said. “We are trying to get approval for a funding

Beef producers say they’ll be at a disadvantage to their counterparts in other provinces if Manitoba doesn’t fund AgriRecovery as those governments have.

Radio silence from Manitoba government on agriculture relief

As of May 22, producers were still waiting to hear if Manitoba will join the other Prairie provinces chipping into AgriRecovery

Manitoba farmers have yet to hear if the province will be throwing its weight behind the AgriRecovery aid promised by the federal government earlier this month. Why it matters: Saskatchewan and Alberta have committed provincial funds to AgriRecovery, following the federal promise of $125 million earlier this month, but Manitoba has yet to say whether it will be

Crown land rents should be rolled back in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial opposition says.

NDP calls for Crown land payment suspension following Cargill closure

The NDP is adding Crown land payments to its list of ag-related recommendations as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

Manitoba’s NDP is pushing the provincial government to roll back Crown land rent increases due to the impact on the beef sector from COVID-19. The rent increases came last year as part of a list of changes to the Crown land allocation program. The province introduced a new rental formula, which tied rents to beef

Watershed districts optimistic about provincial funding

The four per cent increase in funds may mean waiting municipalities can join the watershed district program

A funding increase should give Manitoba’s watershed districts some room to expand after previously maxing out provincial funds. “It’s a signal that the Manitoba government believes in the value of our work and wants to work with us to fill the blank spots on our map,” said Ray Frey, chair of the Manitoba Association of Watersheds

A local nursery association is arguing that garden markets should be considered “essential” too as their services offer food to the public as well.

COVID-19 prunes garden centre operations

For now Manitoba’s garden centres are closed to the public when normally their business would be ramping up

Manitoba’s nearly 100 garden centres are closed to the public to slow the spread of COVID-19, leaving people wondering how they’re going to get tomatoes and other transplantable vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs this spring. There likely will be ways, but as of press time, garden centres weren’t an option unless customers ordered online or

Grain drying and other agricultural activities will be exempt from the carbon tax — if the federal government signs off on the provincial plan.

Province going ahead on flat carbon tax, lower PST

The province says farmers will get their wish on grain drying and barn heating exemptions, if the federal government accepts the provincial plan

The province is again pushing for a $25-per-tonne flat rate on carbon tax — along with exemptions on fuel for grain drying and heating barns — despite an ongoing spat with Ottawa. At the same time, the province has announced that the PST will be dropping from seven to six per cent. Both are set

Crown grazing leases are getting more expensive over the next two years and that worries the province’s ranchers.

Rising lease rates worry ranchers

Livestock producers want to see the province’s new Crown land rental rate changed

Northern ranchers are experiencing sticker shock over new lease rates. The price of Crown grazing land is rising this year, as part of a larger plan to revamp how that land is allocated and managed. The new rental formula ties rates to the beef market. Under the new system, rates are calculated by multiplying the