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Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

A one-year extension of a moratorium on moose hunting in certain areas all about the moose: Pedersen

The Manitoba Metis Federation has indicated it’s prepared for a legal battle over members’ constitutional rights to hunt moose. “We are standing firm on our commitment to a balanced approach for Métis harvesters seeking moose meat to feed their families and elders, while limiting the number of animals taken,” said MMF president David Chartrand in

Night hunting has been explicitly outlawed in Manitoba. While Métis and Aboriginal rights remain, new rules require free permits in agro Manitoba, and some strict safety prohibitions.

New night hunting law now in effect

Law proclaimed makes night hunting explicitly illegal

A law which explicitly makes night hunting illegal and which adds more regulations to its enforcement has been proclaimed. “This has been a priority for MWF and our members,” said Manitoba Wildlife Federation in a statement. “Together with all stakeholders and the government, we have made enormous strides.” As amended, the Wildlife Act reads, “No person shall hunt

The Manitoba government announced it will extend a ban on moose hunting by another year.

Law banning night hunting proclaimed

Moose hunting bans extended, decried by First Nation and Metis groups

A law increasing restrictions on night hunting is now in force, the province announced today. Bill 29, which amends the Wildlife Management Act, passed in the legislature in 2018 but was not proclaimed into law until today. The law establishes a general prohibition on night hunting, minimum fines for people convicted of dangerous hunting, and

Curtis Gervin was met with an injured cow after going out to feed cattle soon after hunting season started this year. He and his workers have since concluded that the animal was shot.

Time to tighten enforcement on land access after cow shot

Curtis Gervin says most hunters are responsible but it’s time for a crackdown on the bad apples

Curtis Gervin wants more action on informed land access after he says one of his cows was shot in the head on his southwestern Manitoba farm. Gervin, who farms near Reston, noted blood and swelling on the face of the animal after going out to feed his cattle one morning, soon after the start of

Fred Tait argues for MBP to take action towards written permission for hunters during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting Feb. 7 in Brandon.

Hunting permission slips pitched

Producers say they’re sick of dealing with trespassers during hunting season and hope written permission rules might help them cope

Hunters would need written permission before their next trip onto private agricultural land, if the Manitoba Beef Producers gets its way. MBP will be lobbying to extend signed landowner access rules for hunters and require written permission from landowners. The province currently requires hunters to get permission before hunting or retrieving game animals, regardless of

KAP president Dan Mazier says he welcomes the legislation as a means of improving public safety.

Province moves to curb unsafe night hunting

Tabled legislation aims to protect the public while respecting traditional hunting rights, provincial minister says

Legislation introduced last week to curb night hunting aims to put the public out of harm’s way while continuing to respect traditional hunting rights, Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires said last week. On May 16 the province tabled Bill 29, the Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management) to set out regulations on

Improper bear baiting is bringing the predators into contact with livestock, leading to losses, producers say.

Producers push for tighter bear-baiting rules

Riding Mountain producer Teren Garlinski says baiting bears on Crown lands has contributed to his herd losses, 
and he wants something done

Beef producer Teren Garlinski wants to see a halt to bear baiting on Crown lands, or at least have meat taken out of the equation. Garlinski, who farms southwest of Grandview near the border of Riding Mountain National Park, says predation is a serious concern on his operation and claims bear baiting contributes to the

Trespassing during hunting season is a growing problem in rural Manitoba.

Hunters trespassing on farmland ires southwest

Local leaders say more hunters than ever are coming into the area

ATV and truck tracks found in a soybean field that hunters entered to retrieve moose they’d shot is just the most recent incident of hunting on farmland without permission, say southwestern Manitoba municipal leaders. A Reston-area farmer, whose neighbour first discovered gut piles in his unharvested soybeans, reported the matter, which is now under investigation,


UFA to shut down outdoor outfitter business

Alberta farmers’ co-operative UFA is set to get out of an “increasingly competitive” space in the retail sector by closing its outdoor supply chain Wholesale Sports. The co-operative, which bought what was then a seven-store chain in 2008, announced Thursday it would start inventory liquidation sales Friday at all 12 of its remaining Wholesale Sports