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Grain equipment firm AGI takes stake in Farmobile

Canadian grain handling and storage equipment maker Ag Growth International plans to dial up its collaboration with ag tech firm Farmobile and has taken a minority stake in the U.S. company to that end. Winnipeg-based AGI announced Tuesday it had agreed to make a “minority equity investment” of US$15 million (C$19.57 million) in Farmobile, effective

Grain bin dangers: A: Never enter a storage bin while unloading grain because flowing grain can pull you in and bury you within seconds;  B: Grain kernels may stick together, forming a crust or bridge that isn’t strong enough to support a person’s weight after the grain below it is removed;  C: Don’t try to break a grain bridge or blockage loose from inside the bin;  D: Try to break up a vertical wall of grain from the top of the bin, not the bottom, because the grain can collapse and bury you.

Stay safe when working around grain

Using appropriate safety practices is vital as entrapment can happen very quickly

One of the greatest dangers on your farm is lurking quietly in your grain bins. “Make sure everyone, including family and employees, working around stored grain understands the hazards and proper safety procedures,” North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang says. “Too many people ignore safety practices and suffer severe injury or

Consider pros, cons of alternative grain storage methods

Grain should be dry and cool when placed in alternative storage facilities

Bumper crops and transportation delays have created a need for additional temporary storage on many farms. Here are some things farmers should consider about the various options. “Grain can be stored in many types of facilities,” North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang says. “But all storage options should keep the grain

Four simple steps to storing grain safely this fall

Pay attention to sanitation, loading, aeration, and monitoring

This fall when you’re preparing your grain for storage, all you need to do is remember to SLAM. That’s short for sanitation, loading, aeration, and monitoring. The first step — removing any dust or debris from your bins before harvest — is “obviously important,” said Ryan Braun, Canadian sales manager for OPI, a grain storage

Temperatures climbing? Check the grain bins

As much as warmer weather may have growers in Ontario thinking of spring planting, a provincial ag specialist warns farmers to consider the old crop ahead of any plans for the new crop. Temperatures are moderating and in southern Ontario, they’ve risen well above freezing for the first time in nearly two months. That’s prompted

VIDEO: Grain bin opener closes the lid on old-school practices

Manitoba Ag Days Inventor's Showcase: EZLid can make closing off the top of your grain bin, well... easy

With Shawn Poncsak’s invention there’s no more need for ropes, cables or ladders to open and close the top of your grain bin. EZLid is an automatic grain bin opener that can open up to six bins from a control box located at ground level. The system is CSA-approved and its internal components are made by a

Ron Kostyshyn, Manitoba’s minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural 
Development, speaks at the province’s legislature.

Grain bin listings available to farmers facing spring floods

With spring officially here, producers in flood-prone areas 
will need to move grain to higher ground

The Manitoba government has launched a grain bin listing service to assist farmers who may have to move grain out of the way of spring flooding. “Our first priority is getting this grain moving, but secondly, we need to ensure we have ample space should farmers need emergency alternate locations for at-risk grain in flood-prone

Running fans when the EMC is higher than the grain’s moisture content pumps moisture into the grain. When the EMC is lower, running the fans will remove moisture.

Knowing when it’s time to turn on the aeration fan

A free web-based program uses local weather data to make recommendations

If you turn on the aeration fan, are you adding or removing moisture from stored grain? A free web-based program called BINcast can help make the decision. “Determining when to turn fans on and off for maximum efficiency, just by guessing, is problematic,” says Ian Nichols, business manager for Weather INnovations Consulting (WIN), developer of