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Farmers Edge expands satellite imagery offering

Farmers Edge says it’s making satellite imagery a practical and affordable agronomic tool for farmers through a new strategic partnership with Planet, the company with the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites. “We think this will be game-changing,” Farmers Edge president and CEO Wade Barnes said in an interview Oct. 3. “I think it’s going to

Editorial: Drilling for data

The recent headline in the tech magazine Wired cut straight to the point. “Data is the new oil of the digital economy,” it proclaimed. Data is everywhere, it said, an immensely valuable and untapped resource that will drive the digital economy forward just as oil fuelled the industrial economy. Vast fortunes are available for the

Tech giants should join global land rights campaign

Treating land insecurity like a disease will help eradicate it in the same way

Global technology giants such as Google and Facebook must join the battle for land rights and help spearhead an international campaign to eradicate insecurity of tenure as if it were an infectious disease, land experts told a World Bank conference. Stig Enemark, professor emeritus of Land Management at Denmark’s Aalborg University, and British land reform

Blame the ditches for downstream woes, says border farmer

Ducks Unlimited expert says many farmers aren’t obtaining drainage permits 
because “it’s much easier to dig the ditch and then beg forgiveness later”

If farmers along the Assiniboine River are wondering where all that water came from this spring, Peter Onofreychuk believes he has a pretty good idea. On a giant aerial photo unrolled on his kitchen table, the farmer from MacNutt, Sask., shows where drainage ditches have been dug on land upstream from him by a 12,000-acre

Who needs water to take a bath?

Reuters — With inspiration from a friend too lazy to take a shower and a few months of research on the Internet, South African university student Ludwick Marishane has won global recognition for an invention that takes the water out of bathing. Marishane, a 22-year-old student at the University of Cape Town invented a product

Research Key To Choosing Right Futures Broker

In relation to time spent on production, farmers in Canada spend very little time actually marketing their crops and even less time seeking out brokerage firms that will guide them. But with the impending end of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly on wheat and barley in 2012, more farmers may be looking for a broker

Senkiw School District Suspension Bridge

VINTAGE VIGNETTE:Manitoba Rural Landmarks The Senkiw School District suspension bridge was constructed during the 1930s by district residents to allow children living south of the Roseau River to attend school in the hamlet of Senkiw, situated about a mile north of the river. The bridge replaced a “flying fox” hand-powered cable and basket mechanism which

Agency In The Forefront Of High-Tech Changes

Livestock inspection in Alberta is going high tech. The move from handwritten brand log books to a system relying on leading-edge databases and high-tech livestock-movement tools is being pushed by Livestock Identification Services Ltd. (LIS), the non-profit organization in charge of livestock inspection in Alberta. The goal is to optimize costs, improve the “tool kit”

Some Of My Favourite Weather Websites

With the fairly quiet weather we’ve been experiencing lately, I thought we could take a little bit of break this week and look at some of my favourite weather-related websites. Some people claim that the Internet creates more problems than it solves, but if you are a weather enthusiast the Internet opens up a world

MTS Operators Stay In Touch

These days, a rancher on his saddle horse could use his cellphone to call a bushman in the Kalahari Desert to commiserate on the lack of rainfall – if both were within range of a tower and the country codes were keyed in correctly. But just a few decades ago, before the advent of satellites,