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(depicts marker for John Ramsay).

The legend of John Ramsay: kindness in the face of tragedy

Betsey Ramsay’s grave lies near the long-deserted settlement of Sandy Bar in the RM of Bifrost

Timeworn and solitary, the marble gravestone surrounded by picket fence lies in a hayfield overlooking the Lake Winnipeg shoreline about five km. east of Riverton. Its chiselled inscription, in a strange mixture of script and print fonts, reads: “IN Memory of BETSEY. Beloved Wife of JOHN RUMSAY. WHO DIED September 1876. Aged 35 years.” Lone

A swinging bridge with more lives than a cat

The Souris suspension bridge has graced the picturesque riverside community of Souris, Man. for the past 109 years. At 178 metres (582 feet) in length, it was once considered to be the longest suspension bridge in the British Commonwealth, and until recently it retained the title of “Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge.” Constructed in 1904

It was twice a work of wonder —but Sifton’s marvellous Russian Orthodox Church suffered a cruel fate

Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church was a source of great pride when 
it was constructed in the 1920s and renovated this century, but was tragically lost

When it was dedicated in August, 1928, an overflow crowd of more than 500 people packed Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church in the small village of Sifton to marvel at the architectural wonder. The church was designed by Bishop Vladyka Arseny in 1926, with assistance of priests and monks under his charge, and was constructed

First Crystal City publisher also became premier

The Courier Publishing Company Building, located at 218 Broadway Street South in Crystal City, is the province’s oldest and best remaining example of the once numerous small print shops and community newspapers that sprang up in newly established towns across southern Manitoba during the bustling 1870-1920 settlement era. It also possesses important connections with Thomas

Our history: Thomas Bunn House

River Lot 97, Bunn’s Road, RM of St. Clements Begun in 1862, the former Thomas Bunn House is likely the oldest continuously occupied dwelling in all of Manitoba and one of its oldest surviving stone structures. It is also a superb example of a modest-size “Georgian-style” house, popular at the time in Scotland and England,

Anderson barn, RM of Elton

The Anderson barn is a rare and superbly preserved example of a classic southern Ontario-style bank barn, scores of which were constructed across southwestern Manitoba during the late 19th century by settlers from Ontario. Telltale design features include tall, rectangular massing with a steep gable roof; post-and-beam framing; vertical board-and-batten siding; diamond-shaped loft windows; fieldstone

Romanian farmhouse preserved

The Paulencu House is the last known surviving example of a traditional Romanian-style farmhouse from Manitoba’s settlement era. Its three-part rectangular plan, vernacular design and log construction, brought from the Carpathian Mountain region of Eastern Europe, adeptly blend functional and esthetic elements that extend beyond the basic requirements of a simple, sturdy but comfortable pioneer

The Minnedosa Agricultural Society Display Building, a substantial and well-known local landmark constructed in 1904, recalls the role played by agricultural societies, and the annual exhibitions they sponsored, in the development of Prairie agriculture. It is one of only three such settlement-era octagonal agricultural fair display buildings remaining in Manitoba, with Carberry and Virden possessing

Inglis Grain Elevator Row nationally recognized

The Inglis Grain Elevator Row is Canada s best surviving collection of early 20th century grain storage and shipping facilities competitively aligned side by side at a rural railway loading point. This site is especially valued for the largely unaltered layout of its various components and for the intact architectural and mechanical features of its

Senkiw School District Suspension Bridge

VINTAGE VIGNETTE:Manitoba Rural Landmarks The Senkiw School District suspension bridge was constructed during the 1930s by district residents to allow children living south of the Roseau River to attend school in the hamlet of Senkiw, situated about a mile north of the river. The bridge replaced a “flying fox” hand-powered cable and basket mechanism which