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Lenders, government, railways all promise action on grain movement

With big expenses on the horizon some farmers are experiencing a difficult cash crunch because grain isn’t moving to market

Lenders are lining up to help western grain farmers who are experiencing a cash crunch due to poor rail service and the looming costs of putting in this year’s crop. Both Farm Credit Canada and the Bank of Montreal issued statements last week saying they would stand by their customers as they suffer from a

Herds well enough, but doesn’t fit next to you in the front seat of the truck.

Border collies headed for the unemployment line?

Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia have developed a robotic herder which they say does a better job than humans or dogs. A four-wheeled device nicknamed Robotic Rover has successfully herded dairy cows in tests on the university’s dairy herd. “Removing human judgment from trafficking speed will allow us to ensure that cows

Agriculture Hall of Fame

Charles John Froebe was a significant force behind the development of cash advance programs

There were six Manitoban’s inducted to the Manitoba Agricultural Hall 
of Fame July 10. The Co-operator will publish the inductee profiles over the next six weeks.

Charlie Froebe was born at Carman, Man., Nov. 27, 1941. He grew up on the family farm in the Homewood district where he attended grade school and was a member of the Manitoba Sugar Beet 4-H Club. His secondary education was at St. John’s Ravenscourt in Winnipeg and Western Military Academy in Alton, Illinois. He

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The Big M celebrates 50 years

The town of Morris is still going strong after a half-century of hosting the province’s one and only professional rodeo

It was a gutsy gamble 50 summers ago when the townsfolk of Morris nervously waited to see if their new rodeo would revive a small-town fair about to bite the dust. Long before the Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition began, the Valley Agricultural Society struggled to break even hosting its tiny country fair. “It wasn’t going

Canadian farmers in a good place, bank says

Agood harvest last year has put Canadian farmers in the driver’s seat for this year as steady production growth should lead to strong exports to emerging markets, says an analysis from BMO. “Rapid economic expansion in emerging markets and lagging demand growth from south of the border has resulted in increasing export market diversification,” Aaron

A swinging bridge with more lives than a cat

The Souris suspension bridge has graced the picturesque riverside community of Souris, Man. for the past 109 years. At 178 metres (582 feet) in length, it was once considered to be the longest suspension bridge in the British Commonwealth, and until recently it retained the title of “Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge.” Constructed in 1904