Letters: Manitoba government callous to leaseholders

It is early morning as I write this, and I am having my first cup of coffee.

Normally, I would be enjoying this small luxury of peace and quiet while my children sleep. That was before.

I now spend every minute worrying about how am I going to keep my ranch… my livelihood. The threat of losing everything my late father worked for, what my late husband and I worked for, what I have fought to hang on to, occupies almost every waking moment.

Each day I am greeted with the smiling faces of my children, and I smile back at them, wondering how I will continue to provide for them if I lose my ranch.

My lease bill has jumped from $6,000 a year to $24,000 a year. I paid the doubled rate of $12,000 in 2020 and then received the $24,000 bill in December of 2020. I am being asked to pay a total of $36,000 in less than a year. An increase that was supposed to be “phased in” over a two-year period, they said, which still isn’t ample time.

My deadline is coming closer each day. I have no idea yet how I am going to pay for it. I have asked for a payment plan to help me, but am callously told my lease will be cancelled and go to auction. I have had no consultation in regards to this, given no time at all to try and prepare for it. I am heartbroken.

I ask Minister Pedersen and Premier Pallister to imagine how they would feel if it was their daughter and their grandchildren going through this. Would they still just stand back and watch the destruction of a family and business?

I cannot believe this is what I voted for.

If I only knew the truth before the provincial election.

Melanie Chewka

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