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Letters: Manitoba ag minister is disingenuous

Minister Pedersen’s explanation for the “muddling” of the unit transfer issue in a recent letter published on the Manitoba Co-operator website is deceptive at best.

Of course the transitional regulation was not operational. Leaseholders were waiting for it to become so… as was promised October 2019.

We know that unit transfer was not enshrined in legislation.

It was a way of doing business.

The same way of doing business, that happens throughout all of Canada, when ranches change hands.

It is of paramount importance to maintain the integrity and capacity of these rugged ranches. We are also well aware that lease units were not guaranteed to transfer with a land sale. The new owner had to qualify and there was a process to go through the Crown land department.

The difference now is they are not allowed!!

That was not the intent of then minister Eichler, nor was it the understanding of 400 disgruntled leaseholders who met in Ste. Rose du Lac, last fall!

The minister continues to deny the provision made for a one-time transfer, even though his staff made many presentations to the fact.

His intense personal distaste of unit transfer should not supersede the work and promises made, to try to come to a peaceful agreement between the government and its leaseholders.

Shelley Dyck
Ste. Rose du Lac

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