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Letters – for Jun. 16, 2011

Ritz is wrong

Gerry Ritz, the agriculture minister is claiming the recent election is a plebiscite on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).

I call this B.S.

In case Ritz wasn’t aware, the election was about many issues, the least of which in the mind of the majority of voters was the fate of the CWB. Further, Section 47.1 of the Canadian Wheat Board Act plainly states that the minister “shall consult with the board of directors and receive a mandate from the producers by way of vote before any legislative changes are made.”

For Ritz to argue that his government has already received its mandate from the election is not sustainable from either a political or legal basis. Wilful blindness or his head stuck in the sand, we must forgive Ritz for he knows not what he does. After all, he is part of the authoritarian antidemocratic Harper regime that was elected by 39.6 per cent of Canadians.

Duncan Geisler

Ashern, Man.

Title Legitimate

I am writing to clarify my title with Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) as “head of investigation” in the recent article “Animal rights groups want sow stalls out” printed in the June 9, 2011 issue. Head of investigation is indeed my position and is supported by the training I received in Germany under the head of the Special Investigations Unit of the RSPCA. I have since conducted hundreds of investigations of Canadian, U.S. and European farms, livestock auctions, collecting stations and slaughterhouses, including many that involved exposing farm animal cruelty.

Thank you for allowing me to clarify this.

Twyla Francois Head of Investigation

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals Winnipeg, Manitoba

Better Way Of Raising Hogs Needed

Should the province want the hog factory industry to continue, and also to save Lake Winnipeg, sewage treatment facilities are necessary. It is a costly undertaking, considering that the Lake Winnipeg watershed is very large. Then there is also the constipated situation of Lake Winnipeg that has yet to be addressed.

The industrial hog industry complains about being targets. It is absolutely right. The province knows there is a huge problem with the vast amounts of hog manure, and its impact on our water sources. It initiated the Clean Environment Commission of 2007 to investigate.

However, as the government also wanted the industry to continue, it is my opinion that “the marching orders” were slanted to maintain the status quo.

To all Manitoba residents: The waters of this province need your help on persuading the government to return to common sense and basics in manure application, and a better way of raising hogs.

This industry is a meat-exporting business. It is shameful that Manitobans and our water sources, get all the crap it produces and leaves behind.

John Fefchak, Virden, Manitoba.

Gun Owners Need To Lobby Stephen Harper

Now that Stephen Harper has his majority, will he follow through with his past election promise to scrap C-68? Scrapping the long-gun registry falls far short of his promise to scrap C-68.

C-68 is the law passed by the Liberals which criminalizes the lawful gun owners of Canada. C-68 makes gun owners into felons over having an unlocked firearm in your home. C-68 allows the state to confiscate your property at will. Now you know why it is necessary to repeal C-68 in its entirety.

This is not the time to celebrate any victory. Despite the election results nothing has changed. We need to put in place commonsense firearm laws which don’t discriminate against the lawful firearm owner and confiscate our private property. We need to put the lawful firearm owner first ahead of the criminal.

The Harper government plans to introduce legislation in the fall to deal with the long-gun registry. Now is the time to write the prime minister asking him to repeal C-68 in its entirety. Mail your letter without a stamp to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0A6.

Inky Mark National Firearm Association Manitoba Director

Dauphin, Man.

Bipole III Most Costly Route

Rosann Wowchuk continues to mislead Manitobans on the Bipole III transmission project.

Bipole III is an important project for Manitoba, required to add reliability to our electricity system. That is exactly why Wowchuk and her NDP colleagues must be voted from office, so the shorter, safer, cleaner and less costly east-side route can be built for the new hydro line.

A secret report recently leaked to the opposition from Manitoba Hydro states that building the Bipole III transmission line on the west side, rather than the east side of the province will invariably lead to rate increases for Manitobans. Further reports from Manitoba Hydro have put the price of Bipole III at $4.4 billion when the amount of clean power wasted due to the length of the line is included in the calculation. In comparison, an east-side line would cost less than $800 million.

This difference in price will cost every Manitoba family of four at least $11,748. Desperate attempts to twist statements by Manitoba Hydro’s CEO serve only to reinforce the NDP’s state of desperation. She cites figures regarding the “life of the project.”

Using that same math, your house should be free. But it’s not. And neither is a hydro line. We all have to pay for our bills, and so does Manitoba Hydro. If the NDP is allowed to pursue the costly and wasteful west-side power route, Hydro will be stuck with the tab, and your family will pay the full price.

The east-side route will also allow Manitobans to reap in more benefits from any export sales. Minnesota and Wisconsin are to the southeast of Manitoba. Why then take a wasteful detour to the west of Manitoba, only to come back east eventually?

If elected on October 4, 2011, a Progressive Conservative government would save the publicly owned Manitoba Hydro from the political manipulations of the tired and desperate NDP. Manitoba Hydro belongs to you, not to the NDP elite.

Rick Borotsik Progressive Conservative Critic for Manitoba Hydro

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