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Snowstar wheat leads CWB’s IP program

Demand for snow-white whole-wheat products has spurred the Canadian Wheat Board to put out a new identity-preserved contract program (IPCP) for 2009-10.

Snowstar is a new variety of Canada Western Hard White Spring (CWHWS) wheat, for which Prairie farmers will be offered a $15-per-tonne premium to grow, as the CWB carries out international market development.

“We are testing the demand for this all around the world, ranging from whiter whole-wheat bread in North America to noodles and egg rolls in Asia,” said Gord Flaten, the CWB’s vice-president of marketing.

The CWB also announced its 2009-10 IPCPs for wheat and durum. IPCP programs are divided into market-development contracts and commercial contracts, with varying incentive levels.

AC Commander, an Extra Strong Canada Western Amber durum, will get guaranteed acceptance and delivery on eligible grades for one last market-development IPCP, the CWB said.

AC Navigator will see a $2.50-per-tonne premium, plus guaranteed acceptance and delivery, on No. 1 and 2 grades.

AC Bellatrix, AC Readymade, AC Tempest, CDC Buteo, CDC Osprey, McClintock, Norstar and Radiant, all Western Red Winter wheats, are eligible for a minimum $10-per-tonne payment for a minimum 11 per cent protein in Guaranteed Delivery Contracts, to be distributed separately from the initial payment. A new, separate CWRW freight adjustment factor may be applied at Manitoba stations, the CWB said.



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