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Trans-Pacific Partnership talks worry dairy farmers

Foreign supplies want access to Canadian markets

Canada’s powerful dairy industry expressed concern June 26 that it could suffer if talks to create a Pacific trade treaty open up heavily protected Canadian markets to more foreign competition. Some of the 12 nations taking part in negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) want Canada to start dismantling supply management, which protects dairy, egg

An aerial view of the town of Birtle.

Canadian mayors launch vision for stronger hometowns

Mayors and councillors are calling for national debate on municipal issues

Mayors and municipal leaders, working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), have unveiled a pre-election vision laying out the pressing needs of Canadian communities they want the next government to make a priority. Strengthening Canada’s Hometowns — A Roadmap for Strong Cities and Communities lays out a plan that would guide federal government in

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Avian influenza in U.S. poultry puts the squeeze on Canadian egg imports

Shipments are costing more and taking longer to get here

A major avian influenza outbreak in the United States is forcing Canada’s layer industry to scramble for imported eggs and pay through the nose for them. As the AI outbreak continues south of the border, Canadian importers must look further afield for processing eggs, increasing delivery times and transportation costs. Manitoba sources most of its

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Auditor general slams federal inaction on antimicrobial drugs for livestock

Little progress has been made after more than a decade of discussions

The federal government has failed to take effective measures to contain the proliferation of drug-resistant bugs that threaten human health and to prevent the overuse of antimicrobial drugs in livestock production, says Auditor General Michael Ferguson. The Public Health Agency and Health Canada “have not fulfilled key responsibilities to mitigate the public health risks posed

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Farm and food goodies in federal budget well received

Farmers will get an increased capital gains exemption when they sell the farm

Farm groups are welcoming federal budget provisions that offer long-sought-after increases in the capital gains exemption on farm sales, the manufacturing equipment depreciation allowance and trade expansion programs. Increasing the capital gains exemption to $1 million from $813,000 has been on the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s wish list for years. Implementing it immediately will “have

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Mixed reaction to sale details: some like it not, some like it sold

Opponents say the lack of farmer control and foreign ownership is offensive while others are glad the deal is done

The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board (FCWB) and National Farmers Union and federal NDP oppose the sale. “This was just another step in the largest transfer of wealth away from farmers in the history of this country,” said FCWB chair Stewart Wells who farms at Swift Current, Sask., and served as an elected wheat

CWB grain elevator

Newly created buyer G3 to take majority ownership of government-owned CWB

Farmers can earn equity in CWB by delivering grain but it won’t be farmer controlled

When the Canadian Wheat Board had a monopoly to market western wheat and barley, grain farmers controlled its operation. But they didn’t own it. Now farmers who deliver grain to CWB can collectively own up to 49.9 per cent through a farmers’ trust, but they will have no control and little input. Control is with

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Transport Minister Lisa Raitt

Ottawa drops minimum rail shipping order

improvements to grain transportation must come from the Canada Transportation Act review

The federal government’s order-in-council requiring the two major railways to ship a minimum amount of grain has expired, but can be reinstated if required, says Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. The first order last March compelled the railways to ship one million tonnes in total per week or face a fine of up to $100,000 a

Fairview, Alta. seed grower and Forage Seed Canada president Heather Kerschbaumer, says the association is seeking allies in its efforts to keep Roundup Ready alfalfa out of Canada.

Forage Seed Canada seeks allies to keep Roundup Ready alfalfa out

Forage seed growers fear they and hay exporters will lose valuable markets because of GM contamination

Heather Kerschbaumer just lost another forage seed sale because of GM contamination, reinforcing her opposition to allowing Roundup Ready alfalfa production in Canada. The Fairview, Alta., seed grower and president of Forage Seed Canada says the association is seeking allies to help block Roundup Ready alfalfa from commercial Canadian production until certain conditions are met.

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‘Be the Difference’ is 2015 Ag Safety Week theme

Farm safety champion testimonials aim to inspire peers to adopt a safer work culture on Canadian farms

Be a better role model and set a higher standard for safety on your farm. That’s the message of Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, which kicks off in Prince Edward Island next week, urging farmers and those who work with them to become safety champions. The education campaign, held each year on the third week of