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U.S. agriculture chief calls for end of Class 7 milk

Trump is talking tough, saying Canada has been ‘ripping us off’ for a long time

Canada must end its low-price milk proteins policy to reach a U.S.-Canadian deal to update the North American Free Trade Agreement, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said Sept. 9. Canada has encouraged overproduction and flooded export markets for milk proteins used in cheese and yogurt, hurting U.S. dairy farmers, Perdue said in an interview aired […] Read more

Canada, U.S. exchange barbs over NAFTA talks as stresses rise

Canada says the U.S. seeks only to weaken its partners during the challenging renegotiation

Canada and the United States exchanged barbs Feb. 13 over sluggish negotiations to update NAFTA, reflecting mounting tensions over trade talks that appear unlikely to conclude on schedule. The talks have effectively stalled as Canada and Mexico seek to address wide-ranging U.S. demands for changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement. The early-March deadline […] Read more

Canada and Mexico now the two amigos

The countries are teaming up to sell NAFTA to the U.S.

From launching a data-mining drive aiming to find supply-chain pressure points to sending officials to mobilize allies in key U.S. states, Mexico and Canada are bolstering their defences of a regional trade pact President Donald Trump vows to rewrite. Trump has blamed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for the loss of millions of […] Read more

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Trans-Pacific Partnership talks worry dairy farmers

Foreign supplies want access to Canadian markets

Canada’s powerful dairy industry expressed concern June 26 that it could suffer if talks to create a Pacific trade treaty open up heavily protected Canadian markets to more foreign competition. Some of the 12 nations taking part in negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) want Canada to start dismantling supply management, which protects dairy, egg […] Read more

Lots of work left on Canada-EU trade deal

Reuters / Canada and the European Union still have plenty of work to do on a proposed free trade treaty that is supposed to be finished by the end of the year, officials from both sides say. Canada is keen to diversify its exports away from the U.S. and wants to increase two-way trade with […] Read more

BHP’s Bid For PotashCorp Tough Call For Government

Canada’s Conservative government will put its pro-business reputation on the line when it decides whether to let a foreign firm buy up resource giant PotashCorp, and Ottawa will win enemies whichever way it turns. If it says yes it will alienate supporters in the western province of Saskatchewan, whose right-leaning government both backs the federal […] Read more

EU-Canada Trade Talks Ahead Of Schedule

Talks on a free trade pact between Canada and the European Union should be wrapped up successfully before the end-2011 target date, Canadian Trade Minister Peter Van Loan said Oct. 18. Earlier in the day officials from both sides started the fifth round of talks on an agreement that could boost trade flows by billions […] Read more

Not Enough Snow In The High Country

Alarmingly low snow levels in the Rocky Mountains will cut water supplies to Canada’s Prairies and could help trigger a river drought in the important farming region, a leading expert said May 27. The predictions by University of Saskatchewan hydrologist John Pomeroy were particularly gloomy, given that 2009-10 was a record dry winter for the […] Read more