Uptake of stress management app by farmers encouraging

The Calm in the Storm application that was launched in January is receiving positive feedback

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A stress-management app that was launched earlier this year seems to be getting good reviews. But developers hope more farmers will make use of the tool in upcoming busy seasons.

“The app is being very well received. It is currently available as both a website and a free app on the Apple iTunes store,” said Janet Smith, program manager with Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services.

“We are receiving extremely positive responses about the website and app from all over the world. It is my hope that farmers will begin to use it more frequently as well.”

The Calm in the Storm application arose from a booklet the organization created in 2011 following the devastating flood impact around the province.

“Farmers often experience high levels of stress, but are not always open about talking about stress. The Calm in the Storm app and website are free, confidential, and can be taken with you wherever you go,” said Smith.

Following further flood devastation in 2014, Klinic Inc., along with the Winnipeg Suicide Prevention Committee and Winnipeg-based Tactica Interactive launched the app in early 2015.

The application offers users the ability to rate stress levels, tips on managing, guided meditation and breathing exercises as well as resources on where to look for help.

“Doing that one simple thing — mindful breathing — helps me reduce my stress levels and get on with my day. It’s a great stress management tool, and one we can all benefit from in today’s busy and complex world,” said Smith.

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