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Hungarian Sausage Festival A Huge Hit

The Bekescsaba Sausage Festival is the place to taste and find out secrets of Hungary s spicy kolbasz sausages. But anyone who sticks to the rule that it s best not to ask how a sausage is made might want to steer clear.

From butchering a pig, complete with blowtorch for searing the bristles, to grinding the meat, mixing it with spices, and squeezing it into long, filmy sausage casings, pig to plate is on display with little left to the imagination.

Any foreigner who ever once tasted the Hungarian sausage will always ask me: That sausage, can you please bring me that sausage again? said Gyula Bodrogi, a member of the jury judging the best of the day s kolbasz.

The 15th four-day festival in a rural area of southeastern Hungary drew about 100,000 visitors last month.

Kolbasz (sausage in Hungarian) is made according to a century-old recipe with pork, paprika, garlic, and caraway seeds in sizes and in shapes from finger-sized to metre-long monsters, ranging in spiciness from mild to mouth destroying.

About 500 roughly 10-person teams made kolbasz from scratch, competing in a carnival- like atmosphere.

The spirit of a beautiful woman is in our sausage, said competitor Ferenc Bordacs.

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