BASF’s Tensile to target wild buckwheat

BASF Canada has picked up registration for a new Group 2 and 4 weed killer to control wild buckwheat, assorted grasses and broadleaf weeds as part of the company’s Clearfield canola system.

Tensile will have imazamox and clopyralid as its active ingredients, BASF said.

BASF also said the new product offers “excellent rotational freedom,” giving Clearfield canola growers the options of seeding any type of canola as well as canary seed, durum wheat, field peas, flax, spring barley, spring wheat or tame oats after an application of Tensile.

Wild buckwheat is “particularly troublesome” for canola growers, because of its climbing nature, and can also cause crop lodging, the company said.

Farmers’ credit good with Viterra

Viterra says its financing products for Prairie farmers are “unaffected” by the world’s tightening credit markets.

Canada’s largest grain company said Dec. 12 it has pre-approved over 19,000 customers for credit financing to date, backed by Scotiabank and totalling over $830 million.

“We expect to extend a total of $1.4 billion in credit by spring of next year,” said George Prosk, senior vice-president for financial products, in a company release.

Viterra offers customers credit throughout the year to help finance purchases of seed, other inputs and equipment. The company also offers a financing package for livestock operations’ feed inputs through Unifeed Financial.



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