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Stepping Back In Time

My flooded basement led to more than a soaked carpet. Water had seeped into the cupboard where I kept my photo albums, and wreaked considerable damage to one of them. And it would have to be the special one, with our wedding pictures, our honeymoon and baby pictures.

Almost in tears, I went through the entire album. Those that could be saved, I spread out on a screen and set them in front of the fan to dry. Those too badly ruined hit the trash bin, but I felt as though part of myself was going with them.

Fortunately, with a bit of trimming here and there, many photos could be saved and all but one of the wedding pictures were salvageable.

Browsing through all those old snapshots was like a walk back in time. People were careful with their film back then and picture taking happened seldom and with usually only a few photos at a time. In those days there were no indoor photographs.

I’m thankful that my mother insisted on bundling all of us up and had us stand in the yard on Christmas Day, about 1933. The picture shows each of us kids holding our Christmas gift – a hockey stick, a doll, a new truck. I remember Mom didn’t have a gift. Money back then barely stretched to cover the essentials.

Another shot shows my three older brothers and myself, sitting in a haystack. One of my brothers is holding a small rabbit, and I am wearing my new, white angora bonnet.

There were photos of our farm at Merridale, north of Roblin. One showed the lake at the bottom of the hill where the house stood. It was really just a slough, but Dad built a pier of logs out into deeper water where we could enjoy a cool plunge.

The lake provided more fun in winter and photographs showed us skating on the clear ice.

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