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Mulroney government axes entire CTC research staff

Our History: March 1987

vintage newspaper advertisement

This advertisement in our March 26, 1987 issue reminds that Lindane-based seed treatments such as Vitavax are no longer registered in Canada.

In the news that week, the Mulroney government had axed the Canadian Transport Commission’s entire research staff. This followed slashing of 35 Agriculture Canada research positions the previous year. One analyst noted that the CTC staff made the government “a little uncomfortable.” The department had just finished a study of Canadian grain movement. Perhaps supporting that claim, we also reported that the railways had reduced costs of moving grain by $29 million from 1980 to 1984, but the savings all went to reducing the government’s contribution to the Crow benefit rather than to farmers.

In a presentation to the Canadian Transport Commission, Manitoba Transport Minister John Plohman argued against a proposal to allow the railways to set variable freight rates at different elevators, warning it would accelerate elevator and branch line closures, increasing damage on local roads and raising municipal taxes.

Manitoba Agriculture Minister Bill Uruski had offered the province’s 377 sugar beet growers $3.15 million over 10 years to help offset low prices, but refused to join Ottawa’s tripartite support program.

Several stories that week referred to the general farm income problem, and the manager of agriculture services for the Toronto Dominion Bank said the climb back to profitability would be slow, with one in 10 farmers not making it.

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