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The latest ‘novelties’ in wheat

Our History: March 1888

vintage newspaper agricultural advertisement

This page of the March issue of The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller presented ads for cattle from E.L. Puxley at Westbourne, Penketh Stock Farm in Souris City and Binscarth Stock Farm, as well as for a cheese press, garden seeds and elastic trusses.

The editor wrote that the Winnipeg Board of Trade had reportedly “sat down very heavily on the latest novelties in wheat.” It appears there had been some misrepresentation of varieties.

“The Kubanka wheat of Mark Lane is a valuable milling wheat. What is here shewn by that name is condemned and denounced. The men who paid fancy prices for it will need to grow it under quarantine, if they grow it at all, for one bushel of it in a carload that has got mixed in even by accident, would make the whole go rejected.”

However, the editor recommended that farmers who had a sample sent out by Professor Saunders should give it another try. Charles Saunders was the developer of Marquis, so that may have been good advice.

The editor then went on to say that, “There is much wheat lying all over the country, and with the certainty that it cannot be moved out as soon as we want, it is high time to consider what can be done.”

He went on to refer to a report from the railroad commission in Dakota, which recommended that the farmer “build his own granary and market his wheat at his leisure.” This would mean the farmer “would have purchasers at his door instead of being obliged to beg elevator men and railroads to take his grain.”

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