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Turkey producers still waiting on promised federal compensation

Trade deals ruffle the feathers of turkey producers who say government commitment falls short

Turkey producers are calling on the federal government to back up its stated support of supply management by putting money on the table. “It seems that with every trade deal our industry is undermined to a greater extent, regardless of the platitudes of support expressed by our government of the day,” said Bill Uruski, chairman

The value of finishing and processing beef in Manitoba

The value of finishing and processing beef in Manitoba

Our History: September 1986

Our September 25, 1986 issue carried a Manitoba Agriculture supplement promoting the value of finishing and processing beef in Manitoba. It carried a graphic which said feeding and processing a 490-pound calf through to the consumer added about $685 per animal to the provincial economy. Harvest weather was said to be good for ducks but

Phil Boyd, executive director of Turkey Farmers of Canada, speaks to producers during Manitoba Turkey Producers’ annual general meeting in Winnipeg.

Processors under pressure to cut prices

An increase in production, coupled with less robust holiday sales, could translate into a quota reduction

Canadian turkey farmers could receive a belated lump of coal this spring, as reduced Christmas sales come home to roost. With 2015 closing stocks sitting at 19 million kilograms, Phil Boyd said a reduction in the national quota allotment is a possibility. Closing stocks in 2014 came in at 14.7 million kilograms. “What we’ve seen

Bill Uruski speaks to producers during Manitoba Turkey Producers’ annual general meeting in Winnipeg.

Turkey producers brace for TPP

Canadian turkey processors could export dark meat to Mexico under TPP, 
but would have to overcome U.S. entrenchment first

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) loomed large last week, as the Manitoba Tur­key Producers gathered in Winnipeg for its annual general meeting. “This is the most significant and serious issue that we as turkey farmers will be facing in the coming years,” said chairman Bill Uruski. Calvin McBain of the Turkey Farmers of Canada said when

The Keystone Agriculture Producers held its general council meeting on July 8 in Brandon.

Condition of rural roads a major concern at KAP meeting

KAP members say rural road conditions are unacceptable and look to lobby for improvements

Keystone Agriculture Producers debated who should take the title of Manitoba’s worst road as producers gathered here for a general council meeting July 8 and compared notes on the province’s crumbling rural roadways. Improving rural infrastructure was clearly a top priority to the province’s producers following a discussion over resolutions at the KAP general council

In 2014, nearly one million Manitoba acres were too wet to seed and thousands of acres of crop were damaged by too much moisture.

Risk management review task force seeks farmer input

It’s looking for ideas to mitigate the impact of increasing severe weather on producers

Everybody complains about the weather, the old saying goes, but nobody does anything about it. Well, Manitoba’s Agriculture Risk Management Review Task Force can’t fix the weather, but it wants to hear Manitoba farmers’ ideas for mitigating its impact. “We’re hoping there will be some real thinking out of the box by people on the

geese near an urban pond

Hatchery amps up bird deterrence in face of avian influenza

Consumer faith in poultry products appears to be holding in spite of a growing 
number of avian influenza cases on farms in Ontario and the U.S.

Manitoba poultry producers and processors have yet to be stung by the avian influenza sweeping farms south of the border, but that doesn’t mean it’s business as usual. Enhanced biosecurity brings a host of changes and logistical challenges. “We’ve increased our sanitation measures, we have foot baths now at all the entrances to our production

vintage newspaper advertisement

Mulroney government axes entire CTC research staff

Our History: March 1987

This advertisement in our March 26, 1987 issue reminds that Lindane-based seed treatments such as Vitavax are no longer registered in Canada. In the news that week, the Mulroney government had axed the Canadian Transport Commission’s entire research staff. This followed slashing of 35 Agriculture Canada research positions the previous year. One analyst noted that

Premier Stephen Harper and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger examine flooded areas around Brandon in July 2014. (PMO photo by Jill Thompson)

Manitoba seeks more climate-responsive risk management

A Manitoba provincial task force has been set up to seek ways in which farm risk management programs could be “more comprehensive and sustainable” in handling “climate-related challenges” such as floods. “Manitoba’s farmers have told us existing agricultural programs can’t adequately address these climate-related challenges, especially as they become more common,” Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn

Wheat advances slow, says Interlake farmer

The wheat cash advance that once took hours to obtain through the Canadian Wheat Board is taking weeks through the Canadian Canola Growers Association, Fisher Branch farmer Bill Uruski says. “It has been a nightmare,” Uruski said in an interview from his farm May 4. Uruski, who farms with his son Barclay, said Barclay applied