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As children start a new school year, parents start getting back into morning routines. Adding eggs into school-day breakfasts can help kids make the grade.

Research has shown that children who eat a nutritious breakfast that is high in protein perform better at school. They need proper nourishment to give them the energy they need for their growing minds and bodies. Eating a well-balanced breakfast including protein can increase concentration and help them pay attention in the classroom, which naturally improves their math and reading skills, behaviour, attendance and test scores. Starting the day with eggs can help kids do their very best at school.

“Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and eggs are the ideal back-to-school breakfast,” says Karen Harvey, registered dietitian, Egg Farmers of Canada. “Affordable and convenient, eggs are a rich source of protein, which helps kids – and adults – get the most out of their day.”

That’s because many of the essential nutrients the body requires to function properly can be found in an egg. Eggs have always been an excellent choice for a healthy diet and it’s good to know that research has shown that eggs are not a cholesterol concern. Rather it’s the amount of saturated and trans fats in diets that increases blood cholesterol levels and the risk for serious health problems. Several studies, including one at the Harvard School of Public Health, have shown that eating an egg every day has no effect on heart disease risk for healthy people.

Eggs are packed with 14 essential nutrients needed to keep people healthy and active. Eggs are rich in choline, zinc and iron, vital nutrients that promote healthy brain development. Just one large egg contains six grams of the highest-quality protein.

A balanced lifestyle for children includes eating from each of the four food groups every day. Recognizing the nutritional value of eggs, Canada’s Food Guide includes a serving of two eggs as part of the Meat and Alternatives food group.

– Egg Farmers of Canada is a not-for-profit national organization founded in 1972.

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