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Handy Tips For Sewers

While we wait out the rest of winter before gardening season begins, here’s some helpful ideas for those who are using their spare time to sew.

A quick way to get your cutting mat out of the way and out of sight – place it on a pants hanger and into a closet.

Fraying thread making it impossible to thread those needles? Try a dental floss threader, good for sergers, sewing machines or needles used for hand sewing. Another helpful method is to place a small drop of Fray Check or Seam Sealant on the fraying end; hold it between thumb and forefinger for a few seconds.

When a length of ribbon or seam binding needs ironing, no need to heat your iron – use a curling iron. Clamp the ribbon into a heated curling iron and slowly pull it through.

Save small pieces of fleece that you would normally discard. Cut them into strips 1/2-inch wide or narrower, stretch them out a little, use for staking plants. – Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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