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A small exhibit at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum put together by curator Tanya Wiegand includes artifacts a woman had to do her laundry in 
pre-electrification days.

VIDEO: The labour of laundry

A load of laundry was anything but a load of fun as display of old-fashioned 
irons and washboards depicts at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin

It’s a job and an era those who remember would probably rather forget. But a small exhibit at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum (MAM) reminds us again about the sort of work women did to get the farm laundry done in bygone days. All kinds of sad irons, plus washboards, sock stretchers, galvanized tubs and mangles

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Dear Reena, I just discovered a method for freezing peaches and it is a wonderful time and mess saver. This works the same way as freezing whole tomatoes and it is so easy! Just freeze the whole peach, with skin and all, and when it is time to use it, run it under hot water

Clean Or Replace Flooded Energy-Related Items

Deciding what to save and what to throw out after a home has been flooded can be daunting. That’s especially true for energy-related items such as insulation, household appliances, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, says Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension Service energy educator. Whether something can be salvaged will depend on

More Questions For Reena – for Jun. 2, 2011

HelloReena, Ifindtheclosets inourhome alwayssmell stalewhenwe openthecloset doors.Ihave boughtthereed diffusersrepeat-e dlyonlyto findthatthey evaporatevery quickly.Iam backtoSquare1.Canyouhelp? Thankyou. –Lorraine Hi Lorraine, Here are a few hints to keep your closets smelling fresh: Store open bars of soap in the closet. Just like in the refrigerator, store an open box of baking soda inside of the closet to absorb

Clean Wet Buildings Quickly, Safely

Flooding and seepage from saturated soils mean many on the Northern Great Plains will be faced with cleaning wet buildings this spring. Ken Hellevang, a North Dakota State University Extension Service engineer and professor in NDSU’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, has these tips to help the cleanup go more smoothly and safely: When using

Get The Cold Facts About Your Refrigerator

You’re not alone if you don’t know the recommended temperature for your refrigerator. We often hear about a foodborne illness outbreak (formerly known as food poisoning). Oftentimes these outbreaks are traced back to commercial operations, food service establishments and restaurants. But what about foodborne illness caused in homes? Approximately half of all cases occur from

Handy Tips For Sewers

While we wait out the rest of winter before gardening season begins, here’s some helpful ideas for those who are using their spare time to sew. A quick way to get your cutting mat out of the way and out of sight – place it on a pants hanger and into a closet. Fraying thread

Leaving for a trip this winter?

MANITOBA HYDRO RELEASE Winter is always a popular time for a vacation from the cold and snowy weather in Manitoba. However, unless your appliances go on vacation too, you likely will return home to an energy bill that is just as high as if you had never left. But, luckily, there are steps that can