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From farm to fork, brought to you by artificial intelligence

With AI, yields can be improved and grocers can understand consumers — and predict 
their behaviour — better than consumers know themselves

Many Canadian consumers have noticed that lettuce and celery prices have skyrocketed recently. Such fluctuations happen all the time. But artificial intelligence is about to change that. AI has us on the cusp of a revolution in how we make decisions and how we manage virtually every aspect of our daily lives. The agri-food sector […] Read more

Comment: Trump’s milk shake

Our dairy producers are now facing change, forced upon them by outside forces

For the first time U.S. President Donald Trump has acknowledged that he knows of the existence of supply management, also known by the global community as Canada’s milk cartel. For years dairy farmers in Canada have been resistant to any change or reform to their policies. With NAFTA 2.0 on its way, Canadian dairy farmers […] Read more

Hand going through the field

Growing pains for Canada’s agri-food sector

The federal budget injects some new life into Canada’s agricultural industries, but not enough funding or clarity

Canada’s agri-food sector has underachieved for too long. The new federal budget gives the sector the opportunity to reimagine its potential. Finally, Ottawa wants to make the agri-food sector a place to invest and foster innovation. The Liberal government aims to increase Canada’s agri-food exports to at least $75 billion annually by 2025 (from $56 […] Read more

Brazil and the mother of all food fraud cases

As one of Brazil’s main livestock industry competitors Canada will likely gain from this scandal

Brazil, the largest exporter of meat products in the world, faces a food fraud crisis — and it seems federal authorities have been complicit. There’s a lesson here for Canada. Brazilian authorities recently announced they would investigate several companies, including meat-packing giants JBS SA and BRF SA. The companies are accused of bribing licensed inspectors […] Read more

Costco finds a willing and growing market in Canada

Same-store Canadian sales are up more than in any other country in which Costco operates

Unless you’re there on a Saturday, constantly trying to avoid collisions with oversized shopping carts, you probably like Costco, even though it will cost you more to shop there as of June. The basic membership fee is going up by $5 to $60, while premium folks will have to pay $120, up from $110. Paying […] Read more

Food banks plant roots for the long term

Canada’s food banks are embracing gardens and greenhouses, cooking classes and more 
to help clients achieve greater food security

Facing declining donations, an increasing number of Canadian food banks are growing their own food. Canadians may feel guilty for not giving enough but they shouldn’t. This is really about food banks adapting for the betterment of society. The Mississauga, Ont., and Surrey, B.C., food banks recently launched vertical farms using hydroponics and aquaponics. The […] Read more

Opinion: Fighting food fraud

Food fraud is everywhere. It can take many forms such as adulteration, substituting one ingredient with a much cheaper one, or misrepresentation including selling an organic product when it’s not. Once food fraud is described, a whopping 63 per cent of Canadians are generally concerned about food fraud. Worse still, more than 40 per cent […] Read more

Large outdoor McDonald's Drive-Thru and McCafe sign

The all-day breakfast wake-up call

The divide between breakfast, lunch and dinner is eroding as millennials 
start to gain a hold in the marketplace

The three-meals-a-day standard is slowly becoming more an ideal than a reality – ask McDonald’s and millennials. More than a year ago, McDonald’s Restaurants introduced all-day breakfasts in the United States. Now, McDonald’s Canada is slowly rolling out the all-day breakfast, testing it at several locations across the country. A&W Food Services of Canada will […] Read more

NAFTA: The art of the trade deal

The U.S. may be targeting Mexico, but Canada could be collateral damage in this fight

So the Trans-Pacific Partnership is officially dead, but the deal had already been on life support for quite some time. As America was embracing a new era of economic nationalism, even Hillary Clinton vowed during her campaign to kill the deal. No big loss for Canada, since there is no deal, but certainly a missed […] Read more

Could Trump save the Canadian dairy industry from itself?

Trump may be the catalyst necessary for a much-needed revamp of the Canadian dairy industry

The great Canadian dairy crisis is about to experience a new and interesting twist. As Donald trump assumes the role of the 45th president of the United States, some wonder whether he could bring about the end of Canada’s infatuation with dairy marketing boards. Both during his campaign and after the election, Trump took aim […] Read more