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Opinion: ‘Shrinkflation’ is a thing

Ingredient prices are rising but Canadians stubbornly won’t pay more at the till

Most consumers are always concerned about the cost of food. We constantly look for bargains and the food industry knows it. According to a recent survey, almost 60 per cent of all Canadian consumers consider price as one of the top three decision criteria when grocery shopping. Price is key, no matter what. Pricing in […] Read more

Young man choosing oranges in the supermarket

Opinion: Food prices stuck in place

The economy is doing well, so why can’t Canadian grocers hike prices?

Retail food prices are not moving much these days. They are barely higher than last year, with a modest increase of 0.5 per cent. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, prices dropped overall by 0.7 per cent over the winter months. South of the border, U.S. grocers are dealing with the same issue. Since our […] Read more

Comeau: A measly $292.50 that could have changed it all

Interprovincial trade will remain hidebound to internal protectionism, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling on interprovincial trade barriers is a significant loss for consumers and our Canadian economy, but a great win for inertia. The Comeau case was never just about beer. It was essentially about enabling our domestic economy across the country to thrive. For the agri-food sector, the decision would have had […] Read more

Opinion: Divorcing Tim Hortons

Leger-National released its annual report ranking Canada’s most admired companies recently. Tim Hortons’ year was just plain awful. It went from fourth to 50th, in just 12 months. This significant free fall can be linked to the very public spat between Tim Hortons franchisees and parent company, Restaurant Brands International (RBI). This dispute has taken […] Read more

Opinion: Plastic bag politics

Reducing single-use plastics is a worthy goal but not an easy one

An increasing number of people are voicing concerns about the use of plastics in our day-to-day lives. Single-use plastics of any kind are significant yet preventable sources of plastic pollution. In Canada, bans on plastics have so far been left up to municipalities, some of whom are taking action. Both Montreal and Victoria have recently […] Read more

Opinion: Jiminy crickets!

The disgusting (and nutritious) truth about bugs and food

Loblaw, the largest food distribution company in the country, is now selling cricket flour. The product itself is not new, as many specialty stores have been selling it for a few years now. But Loblaw is the first major retailer to sell the product under its own private label. For Loblaw, whose head office is […] Read more

Opinion: A meatless Canada? Not just yet

Dalhousie University’s recent poll shows vegetarian and vegan numbers are steady, not rising

Canadians love meat. Many of us have been dedicated to our favourite protein source for years. But other sources of protein are emerging as potent alternatives to animal protein. Demand is up for vegetable proteins like pulses, as well as for fish and seafood, Loblaw has even started selling cricket flour and is trying to […] Read more

Trade wars and food fights

It would appear Bill Morneau is happy fiddling while our economy burns

Bill Morneau is perhaps an influential figure in Trudeau’s cabinet, but he’s no finance minister. Given the budget he presented late last month, Minister Morneau may be more of a social justice enabler. Supporting more diversity, equality and inclusiveness is obviously critical to the betterment of our society, but most Canadians do expect more from […] Read more

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What StatsCan and Loblaw numbers are really telling us

While food prices are rising, a newly competitive food retailing landscape makes increasing margins difficult

Recent StatsCan numbers indicate that grocers are in trouble. Food inflation is now above two per cent for the first time since April 2016. This is typically good news for grocers as it gives more room for them to increase margins. But given major headwinds affecting the industry, grocers will need to get even more […] Read more

Health Canada’s suggested new food labelling has limitations

The labels would help consumers know what’s in their food but there are some gaps in the system

When it comes to food, the current federal government is big on consultations. Health Canada recently launched online public discussions and consumer-oriented research to find the best front-of-package labelling formula. Four models have been presented – Health Canada appears to want to keep its options open (although all the logos look the same). Saturated fats, […] Read more