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Mexicans see current drought as sign of drier years to come

Reuters / Authorities fear a severe drought in Mexico is just a foretaste of a drier future. As water tankers race across northern Mexico to reach far-flung towns, and crops wither in the fields, the government has allotted US$2.7 billion in emergency aid to confront the country’s worst-ever drought, which has caused $1.2 billion in

Mexican Gangs Go After New Target: High-Priced Corn

Organized crime gangs equipped with automatic weapons and tractor trailers are branching out into raids on huge grain silos, in a sign of growing lawlessness in parts of Mexico’s north. Attacks on warehouses and cargo trucks have multiplied into a near-weekly affair in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, where one of the worst cold snaps

Mexico Allows GM Corn Trials To Proceed

Mexico has approved the first pilot program to plant genetically modified corn, a sensitive topic in the country that touts itself as the birthplace of corn and where small farmers worry the high-tech grain may contaminate native varieties. The Agriculture Ministry granted a permit March 8 to global biotech seed maker Monsanto to plant no

Ancient Seeds In Mexico Fight Warming Effects

More than 500 years after Spanish priests brought wheat seeds to Mexico to make wafers for the Catholic Mass, those seeds may bring a new kind of salvation to farmers hit by global warming. Scientists working in the farming hills outside Mexico City found the ancient wheat varieties have particular drought-and heat-resistant traits, such as

Mexico Tariffs Hit A Diverse List Of U. S. Goods

Mexico said March 18 it was imposing higher tariffs totalling $2.4 billion on a wide list of U. S. imports ranging from strawberries to Christmas trees after Washington banned Mexican trucks from U. S. roads. The official government gazette said the new tariffs, which will range from 10 per cent to 45 per cent, were

Scientists Join In Battle To Head Off Ug99

Amutant form of stem rust that wipes out wheat crops could spread to top producers in Asia unless new resistant varieties of wheat are distributed widely, experts say. Stem rust “annihilates, that’s not an exaggeration,” said Rick Ward, a rust expert from Cornell University. “Basically the entire world’s wheat crop is fertile breeding ground,” Ward