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Last Year’s Cattle Can Affect This Year’s Prices

Fall cattle processing raises the question of just how much a producer wants or needs to do. What if two neighbours each were selling 30 steer calves and split the trucking cost? The calves were well-grown, typical northern calves that were managed similarly through pre-and post-weaning. The calves averaged 650 pounds. The first set of

A Herd Of Cows Is A Group Of Individuals

Animals are individuals. A group of animals is a commingled set of individuals. At no time do the individual animals actually become a component of a group. That is a fundamental principle that those who engage in animal husbandry come to understand. This point is very important. While care may be applied to the group

Good Bedding Improves Calf Survival Rates

This spring is certainly one to remember. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, calf death loss is just more than 11 per cent, almost quadruple the typical loss of three per cent for North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association members. This does not make anyone very happy. In fact, it stings harshly. However, challenges abound

The Real Cost Of Raising Ranch Horses

The other day was difficult. The discussion centred on the horse industry as the Dickinson Research Extension Center was reviewing program costs. As the horse program was discussed, the updated costs were noted. Based on a fiveyear average, the annual cost (direct and overhead expenses) for maintaining a producing mare and nursing foal was $764.68

Cows should not be gift-wrapped

Producers don’t ask enough questions when buying replacement cows – not even simple questions, such as what vaccinations have the cows received? When buying cows, the data trail and answers to questions regarding health protocol are the necessary ingredients for a productive herd. If we buy new cows for the herd, producers should explore, question