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It’s ok to start swathing after a frost if most or all of your canola seed is already mature.

Frost hits canola. Do I swath?

Consider these scenarios in the event of a frost on your canola

With fall coming on strong and frost risk climbing, many canola growers are wondering what to do with standing canola. The Canola Council of Canada’s CanolaWatch has the following recommendations for before and after a frost. For canola that you’ll be swathing If frost is forecast, should you swath canola now or leave it standing?

Two online calculators are available to help you get your canola stand just right this spring.

What’s your canola-seeding rate?

New online calculators can help get this key decision just right

When it comes to putting in canola, few decisions are more important than getting the seeding rate right. Now there are two new online calculators that you can find at that will help determine the correct plant stand for an individual field. The calculators determine target plant density and seeding rate, and allow farmers

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Get a jump in April with these jobs

Your canola crop can benefit later 
from steps you take now

It’s still a bit early to get into the field, but here are a few jobs you can do now to set yourself up for success this season. Get the drill ready. Check each opener, tire and hose. If you have a perfectly flat spot for levelling, that may also help achieve consistent seed and

How early is too early to seed canola?

How early is too early to seed canola?

There are better options for early seeding, especially in wetter areas where soil moisture isn’t an ongoing worry

Fields may have soil temperatures adequate for canola establishment and enough moisture for emergence, but should growers seed canola in early to mid-April? Past experience would suggest that starting on peas and maybe some cereals in mid-April would be the preferred early-seeding choice, with canola going in late April and early May. Growers may see

Regrowth in swaths cannot be sprayed.

Canola regrowth under swaths can’t be sprayed

Rain and delayed harvest have caused some cut canola plants to regrow. This regrowth coming up through swaths can make for increased green matter going through the combine. This regrowth cannot be sprayed. Once canola is cut, no product can be applied. Pre-harvest intervals are closed for all products, and spraying swaths mean residues will