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Keep your grandchildren safe on the farm

Grandparents are a vital building block in creating a family safety culture

If you talk to any grandparent, they say that having children was wonderful, but having grandchildren is pure joy. There’s nothing better than having a grandchild throw their arms around your neck and whisper “I love you.” These young people are a farm’s future and a grandparent’s legacy. It’s important that grandparents understand their role […] Read more

Taking steps to prevent slips, trips, and falls

You can change the environment or change your behaviours to stay safe

In theory the prevention of falls is simple. Nearly all falls result from conditions or practices whose hazard is obvious or readily discoverable. In practice, however, prevention is difficult because the detail involved is very great and it is necessary to improve the performance of practically everyone. – From “Safety Subjects,” U.S. Division of Labor […] Read more