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Young farmers more stressed, less able to cope, study finds

Business planning and other management practices contribute to peace of mind, but younger farmers less likely to engage in these for several reasons

A recent study has shown that young farmers are more stressed than older ones — and less likely to be effective at dealing with that stress. “Have you ever heard a farmer say, ‘I have peace of mind’”? said Jake Ayre, a young farmer and second vice-president of Keystone Agriculture Producers (KAP). His tongue may

Report links business management, mental health of farmers

Farm women, young farmers report higher levels of stress, difficulties coping

Ottawa — A new report from Farm Management Canada (FMC) calls for action after determining 75 per cent of Canadian farmers reported being moderately to highly stressed about unpredictable interference, workload pressure and financial pressures. But how a farmer plans his or her business — and associated risks — can help lower that statistic. The

Farmers and ranchers must have ways to manage stress

If stress piles up and is left unresolved many problems can result

Piled-up stress can lead farmers and ranchers to develop physical or mental health issues, but they can take steps to reduce stress and create healthy ways to manage it, says a North Dakota State University Extension expert. “Farm and ranch families often experience pressure, conflict and uncertainty, especially during harvesting and planting,” says Sean Brotherson,

Farmers face a variety of stresses ranging from finances, market uncertainty and public perception to name a few.

Menzies urges farmers to prioritize their mental health

Former farm leader and cabinet minister Ted Menzies says their unique work environment adds to stress on farmers

A well-known and respected farm voice has lent his voice to the growing chorus calling for farmers to mind their mental health. Former farm leader and federal cabinet minister Ted Menzies had a blunt and personal message about farmers for the Commons agriculture committee, which is studying mental health issues in agriculture. “We’re very reluctant

There really is a connection between being hungry and mood.

Researchers reveal link between hunger and mood

Studies show not eating properly really can have an effect on your mood

It seems “hangry” isn’t just a made-up term. University of Guelph researchers have revealed that the sudden drop in glucose we experience when we are hungry can impact our mood. “We found evidence that a change in glucose level can have a lasting effect on mood,” said Prof. Francesco Leri, department of psychology. “I was

A strong stigma exists in agriculture that a farmer is somehow supposed to be the strong and silent type no matter what.

Farm mental health struggles topic of hearings

Commons agriculture committee is hearing the growing chorus calling for better supports for farmers

It has been a long road bringing the mental health challenges in agriculture to the attention of the federal government but hearings on the topic by the Commons agriculture committee is providing a venue. Dairy farmer Andrew Camp­bell, a prominent internet blogger, painted the picture of what producers face in a recent presentation to the

Technology and campaigns linking the farm community together are enabling more open conversation about mental health in agriculture.

How are you?

Campaigns championing the mental health of farmers are making it a little easier to reply ‘not so good’

Farmer-to-farmer campaigns talk about it and it’s a topic around corporate board tables. It’s a dinner table discussion, too. It’s getting easier to talk about mental health in agriculture, say those providing the farm community with places to do so. For nearly 20 years the confidential farm and stress line — Manitoba Farm, Rural and

Editorial: If you’re feeling down, reach out

There are mornings this time of year when it can be pretty hard to imagine the arrival of spring. The world is still locked in the frigid embrace of winter. The spiritual warmth of Christmas and New Year is far behind us. The cold and flu season continues to run riot. Spring still seems impossibly

Stressors pile up for Manitoba soybeans

Damaged patches of soybeans around Manitoba this year could be due to a combination of stresses, says Manitoba Agriculture plant pathologist Holly Derksen. “It’s a tricky year for diagnosing these problems,” Derksen said Wednesday during the Crop Talk Westman webinar. “When multiple stressors are present often the soybean plants may respond differently. Not all plants,

Canadian producers are being asked to take part in an online survey on stress to help researchers advance industry support services.

Gathering an industry baseline on stress

A new research project is looking for producer input on current stress levels and looks to develop industry-specific resources

A recent survey conducted by researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College has found high rates of stress, anxiety and depression among veterinarians. Now they are investigating whether agricultural producers are also suffering. The preliminary findings of a survey of 500 Ontario veterinary practitioners are alarming, the lead researcher says. “We used some validated health measures