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Industry relieved as China lifts pork, beef suspension

Prime Minister Trudeau announced the breakthrough through social media

UPDATED: Nov. 6, 2019] Glacier FarmMedia – Canadian Pork Council chair Rick Bergmann let out “a sigh of relief” Tuesday, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced exports will continue to China roughly four months after pork and beef products shipments were blocked. Trudeau announced the news on Twitter. Since June 25th, meat shipments to China […] Read more

Canada faces a challenging future amidst global trade chaos

Canada will have to rethink its domestic and export policies

A new report is warning Canadian agri-food is in an “ominous situation” in the face of rising global trade disruptions. The Agri-Food Economic Systems’ report, “Shifting Geo-Politics and Trade Policy: Wither Canadian Agri-Food Policy?” released this month says escalating trade tensions have resulted in a rapid deterioration of the relatively stable environment that has governed […] Read more

Glacier FarmMedia sets up shop in Ottawa

A Prairie journalist goes to Ottawa to cover agriculture for you

These days I am becoming more thankful to those who do thankless work. About one month ago, I settled in Ottawa. I claim “the West” as home to those here who ask. Most of my growing up was in Calgary and the bulk of my journalism career up until now has been in Saskatchewan. Now […] Read more