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A chuckwagon racer at the Manitoba Stampede.

Manitoba Stampede takes heat from protestors

In the wake of horse deaths at the Calgary Stampede, animal rights advocates organized to question the ethics of the rodeo event

The Manitoba Stampede faced protests, both at the front gate and online, following six animal deaths at the Calgary Stampede. Video also circulated online of clean up following the death of a heifer during a team penning competition on Saturday. Activist organization Manitoba Animal Save shared the video, which shows a tractor hauling away a

The votes are in!

Foxwarren Arena voted Coldest Rink in North America

Voters went to Rink Rater phone app designed to rate, acknowledge hockey rinks

Foxwarren rink now has another claim to fame. In addition to producing many talented skaters and hockey players over the years, it was recently voted the Coldest Rink in North America on the newly launched Rink Rater app. “Posts about naming the coldest rink in North America were circulating on Facebook and many people put

Designated rodeos allow younger students to participate instead of just watching.

Manitoba Little Buckaroo rodeos

Kindergarten to Grade 5 division now a part of high 
school association

Striving to keep interest of the sport of rodeo at the forefront and ensure its future, the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association continues to offer events geared to the younger ages. Designated rodeos allow students in kindergarten to Grade 5 to participate instead of just watching from the rail. The Manitoba Little Buck­aroo (MLB) rodeos

Editorial: All hands on deck

It was a dreary fall afternoon this past Sunday at Argyle, as rain lashed the countryside and soaked stubble fields. Inside the local community hall and curling rink, however, there was a clear sense of warmth and community. The hamlet had pulled out all the stops to host its annual fall supper — the 135th

Pickleball paddles are smaller than a tennis racquet but larger than a ping-pong paddle.

How about a game of pickleball?

It’s easy to learn and can either be played fast and competitive or slower and recreational

With Canada’s 150th birthday coming soon, ParticipACTION is once again urging Canadians to make physical activity a vital part of everyday life. “Sit less and move more” is a motto we could all adopt. One way of doing that is to take up a new sport, and in our town there’s a new game — pickleball.

Stran Dunham has a passion for goat tying.

Manitoba student enjoying rodeo

Stran Dunham credits his parents 
for his love of the sport

Stran Dunham — a rookie in the Junior High division of the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA), had his excitement for ropes and rodeo carved into him, thanks to his parents, Sheena and Kevin Dunham of Souris. His mom was among the first high school rodeo competitors from Manitoba to cross over into Saskatchewan

girl riding a horse in a rodeo

Third generation continues family’s rodeo passion

MHSRA member has been riding since she was two years old and barrel racing since four

Passed down through generations, rodeo has been in two Manitoba families — Cochrane and Boyes for quite some time. Presently competing as a high school rookie in the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA), Jenel Boyes, a student at Hartney School, has been in the saddle since she was two and barrel racing since the

young bull rider

Stonewall student is an all-around cowboy

Tyson Salmon has developed a work ethic through involvement in the MHSRA

Developing a work ethic through high school rodeo, Tyson Salmon, a Stonewall Collegiate student, has been involved in the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) since 2009. He has impressed family and friends in becoming an all-around cowboy. As a rough stock competitor he has competed in bull riding, and in timed events — tie-down

skateboard park in Swan River

Skateboarding into the future in Swan River

One man’s passion brought a community together around a common goal

Kyle Machan raised a lot of eyebrows 10 years ago when he decided to open a skateboard shop in Swan River. A 19-year-old kid still living with his parents who spent all his free time skateboarding didn’t seem a likely candidate for business success, especially selling skateboards in a remote agricultural service centre with a

Land remains a good spot to park spare cash

Land remains a “safe deposit box with a view” for the ultra-wealthy, according to the publication 2013 Land Report 100, an annual survey and ranking of the largest private landowners in the United States. It says that in 2012, the country’s top 100 landowners cumulatively increased their private holdings by 700,000 acres to a total