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High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Selection limited, but prices were higher for dairy rather than meat goats

Bidding prices for lightweight lambs at the Oct. 3 Winnipeg Livestock Auction increased slightly compared to the last sale, possibly due to the limited selection. However, 248 sheep and goats were delivered and young, tender Manitoba lamb could be on more local tables this year. There appeared to be no price difference between wool and

Spring’s arrival brings price improvement

Many buyers were clearly interested in herd building at this sale

As the spring weather slowly unfreezes the landscape, so too have prices found new life. The warmer weather has no doubt enabled buyers to review low volumes from the winter season and made them more aware of their stock supply. Producers delivered 100 sheep and goats to the latest sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction April

Exotic sheep see little interest

Quality and age of animals were the key to bidding

The Oct. 4 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction saw 258 sheep and goats delivered. The buyers present were not interested in exotic sheep or lambs, but instead paid close attention to age and quality. During the sheep sale, all ewes saw major interest from buyers, with no evident price difference between wool

Summer slows sheep and goat bidding

It was buyer’s choice in many cases at the most recent sheep and goat sale

It was a case of differing expectations May 3 at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction, as buyers and sellers gathered to trade the 233 sheep and goats delivered to this sale. Sellers were hoping for decent prices, while buyers were looking for bargains. In the sheep sale, ewes were of mixed quality and the bidding highlighted

Easter influence seen on prices

Demand for the looming holiday drove some early purchases

A total of 250 sheep and goats were on the auction block at the Mar. 15 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Many of the buyers appeared motivated by the upcoming Easter holiday and anticipated demand, making for some early purchases. The presence of worms in some groups of lambs — earlier than

Editorial: The missing link

Canada’s sheep and goat producers had better not be counting on me to earn a living. Don’t get me wrong, they produce excellent products, but neither of these protein sources has ever been a big part of my diet. I can’t remember the last time I had a lamb chop. A few years ago now, for

Price instability creating challenges for producers

There appears to be little correlation between 
prices this year and previous years

There were more animals of lesser quality at the most recent sheep and goat sale held Feb. 1 at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Producers delivered 212 animals, compared to just 141 at the previous sale in January, but the quality was noticeably lower. Markets have been very unstable and producers appear to be finding it

Sales results a hopeful indication for the new year

Strong bidding and plenty of quality animals across all classes is a great start to the year

A total of 141 sheep and goats was presented at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction’s first sale of 2017 on Jan. 18, as attendees enjoyed spring-like melting weather. While it’s difficult to predict exactly how the year will unfold, this sale set a positive example for the rest of the year to follow. Buyers were bidding

Higher demand seen for feeder lambs

Last sale before Christmas featured buyers filling holiday orders

The last sale of 2016 saw 350 sheep and goats delivered to the Winnipeg Livestock Auction on Dec. 21. Buyers were ready to fill market demand for the Christmas season and prepare for the coming new year. The next sale was January 11, 2017. The ewe class was represented about equally by wool and hair

Christmas looms for producers

There appears to be ample supply of animals for the coming holiday season

As always the sheep and goat markets continue to respond to holiday demand, and the Nov. 2 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was no exception. Producers offered 600 animals for sale, mainly intent on supplying the eastern Canadian market for Christmas, which requires allowing enough transport time to arrive when consumer demand peaks. In the