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Higher demand seen for feeder lambs

Last sale before Christmas featured buyers filling holiday orders

The last sale of 2016 saw 350 sheep and goats delivered to the Winnipeg Livestock Auction on Dec. 21. Buyers were ready to fill market demand for the Christmas season and prepare for the coming new year. The next sale was January 11, 2017.

The ewe class was represented about equally by wool and hair ewes, though there appeared to be no price differences between the two. A noticeable increase in the bidding was seen from the last sale.

A good selection of rams were available for the buyers, some for future herd purposes.

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Heavyweight lambs were very limited. There appeared to be no regular pattern in the buyers’ bidding. A 120-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $1.53 lb. A 115-pound Rideau-cross lamb brought $1.40 lb. A 145-pound Rideau-cross lamb brought $1.27 lb.

The bidding on the market lambs remained similar to the past few sales. There were only wool lambs in this class. The price bidding ranged from $1.62 to $1.85 lb. An exception was a 105-pound Rideau-cross lamb that brought $1.88 lb.

Quality was the sure visible issue on the various bidding on the feeder lambs. There was no apparent price difference between wool and hair lambs. The price bidding ranged from $1.91 to $2.01 lb.

The lightweight lambs dominated this sale. Hair lambs seemed to dominate, being sold before the extreme cold-temperature storm arrived. The 70-plus lambs ranged from $1.92 to $2.03 lb. There were a few exceptions that the bidding did not reach this range.

The 60-plus lambs had a price range from $1.92 to $2.06 lb. There appeared to be no price difference between wool and hair lambs. A group of seven 67-pound Clun Forest lambs demonstrated high spirit and energy when entering the arena and brought $2.08 lb.

The 50-plus lambs showed a price difference between wool and hair lambs. Dorper-cross lambs saw lower bidding from the buyers. The price ranged from $1.94 to $2.16 lb. The lower bidding ranged from $1.70 to $1.80 lb.

There was limited interest for the very lightweight lambs (40-plus), at this sale and there was no indication or pattern from the buyers for the lambs. A group of 45-pound lambs brought $1.45 lb. A group of 41-pound lambs brought $1.82 lb.

Turning to goats, there were no does delivered for this sale, and the bucks were represented by Boer-cross goats.

Quality was clearly of interest to the various buyers, possibly for future breeding purposes.

The demand for goat kids is always of interest to the buyers, from sale to sale. The dairy goat kids were represented by Alpine-cross, however, still limited in numbers. The dairy goat kids seemed to be an investment for future herd improvements.

The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated that the bidding was higher for the lambs and goats, for the pre-Christmas sale. The sheep were selling for less, than the past sales.


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