High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Selection limited, but prices were higher for dairy rather than meat goats

High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Bidding prices for lightweight lambs at the Oct. 3 Winnipeg Livestock Auction increased slightly compared to the last sale, possibly due to the limited selection. However, 248 sheep and goats were delivered and young, tender Manitoba lamb could be on more local tables this year.

There appeared to be no price difference between wool and hair ewes. The average price ranged from $0.73 to $0.97 per lb. with the weight of the ewes creating the various ranges. A lack of excitement in the bidding was clearly noticeable. It could soon be that culls will be harshly determined in future bidding.

The wool rams traded in a price range from $0.77 to $0.97 per lb. The bidding on the heavier Katahdin rams showed less interest and prices were lower than average. The lighter-weight Katahdin-cross rams attracted the highest prices with bids of $1.30 per lb.

A 115-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $1.60 per lb. There was limited interest for the 115-pound Cheviot-cross lamb which brought $1.085. Some Ontario buyers are only bidding/wanting the Ontario heavyweight lambs.

The market lamb class received close bidding prices from $1.70 to $1.81 per lb. The various weights of the lambs created the wide spread — an indication of major differences.

There was high demand for feeder lambs, which kept strong buyers’ bidding. There appeared to be no price differences between wool and hair lambs. The price ranged from $1.81 to $1.95 per lb.

The selection for lightweight lambs was limited for this sale. There were two 75-pound Suffolk-cross lambs, sold as individuals. The buyers viewed these similar lambs, bidding $1.90 and $1.93 per lb.

The 60-plus-pound lambs continued this strong bidding. Three 68-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $1.85 per lb. A group of 21 62-pound lambs brought $1.95 per lb.

Two 55-pound Suffolk-cross lambs brought $1.775 per lb.

The auctioneer struggled to get more interest for a 35-pound Rideau-cross lamb. The winter weather that just arrived might have been a factor. This lamb reached $1.21 per lb. Two 80-pound new-crop lambs brought $1.90 per lb.


A 70-pound Alpine-cross goat doe represented the dairy goat class. There was more interest for dairy rather than meat goat does with very limited selection at this sale.

The goat bucks had the reverse bidding effect to the goat does. The 185-pound Alpine-cross goat buck was a real gentle giant, even with full structure/frame development. He enjoyed the full attention from being petted. Possibly this buck could improve a future herd. An 85-pound Pygmy-cross goat buck brought $0.89 per lb. The spotted Boer-cross bucks seem to attract all buyers. These young spotted Boer-cross bucklings would make a good breeding program.

The quality of the goat kids have remained good but the bidding on all the various kid weights has declined over the past few sales. Generally, the demand is over the supply of the goat kids although the very lightweight goat kids have not created any major interest. Management practices should be viewed and planned with the winter conditions arriving.

The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated fewer sheep and goats were available, with stable prices but no noticeable high bidding.

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