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For Canadian grocers, recent cauliflower woes should serve as a cautionary tale on buyers’ hypersensitivity to price.

Cauliflower hysteria offers lessons for Canadian consumers

Food inflation is hammering consumers, but there are ways to reduce price pressure

Food inflation is top of mind for Canadian consumers, with rampant claims about produce being grossly overpriced. And the latest consumer price index (CPI) report won’t calm Canadian shoppers any time soon, since food inflation stands at 4.1 per cent. That’s a significant contrast to the -0.4 per cent in food inflation reported in the

India potato story underscores need for reform

Reuters / Buried in recent monthly data for wholesale prices in India, the wild gyrations of a humble vegetable tell the tale of an economy trapped in inflation by its own rigidities. Back in December, after a bumper harvest of potatoes, furious farmers dumped tonnes of their crop on roads in protest over a crash

Freight rate review needed

The Canadian Transportation Agency has approved a 9.5 per cent increase in the railway revenue cap for the coming crop year and that has the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association calling for a review. “This represents a significant jump in freight rates,” said president Kevin Bender. “The government needs to review the components of the revenue cap

World grain prices to stay strong

Reuters / World grain prices should remain “very firm” over the near term as demand from Asia exceeds forecasts and dry weather cuts into supply, the senior economist of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said March 26. South American corn and soy yields took a beating from drought this season, while China’s rapidly

Spectre of inflation has large investors eyeing farmland

london / reuters / The hunt is on. Fearful that debt-laden governments will allow inflation to rise and erode the real value of money, many institutional investors are eyeing farmland as an inflation hedge. But ownership brings responsibilities, costs and risks that need close management. The inflation-adjusted value of American farmland peaked in 1980, according

Lower Grain Price And Fuel Prices Needed

Sharp declines in prices for grains and gasoline will be the most effective stimulus for renewed growth, by easing the squeeze on household finances across North America and Western Europe, but only if price cuts can be sustained. Relative declines in prices for food, clothing and fuel have been one of the big drivers of

Are Higher Commodity Prices The “New Normal?”

Higher commodity prices might be the rule rather than the exception in the coming years, a Purdue University agricultural economist says. While prices regularly rise and fall, they have trended upward in a way that suggests they’ve reached a plateau, said Mike Boehlje. He attributed much of the price movement to bullish export markets, weather-shortened

China To Stabilize Pork Prices

China will do more to boost pork supply and stabilize prices as part of efforts to check inflation, the state council said July 28. Pork prices fell last week, for the first time since April, data from the Commerce Ministry showed. The price of pork, a staple food, is particularly sensitive in China since it