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John Cale

You can’t have a healthy farm without healthy farmers

Prior to producers’ most stressful seasons, experts suggest taking inventory of your 
stress levels and to plan ahead to avoid pitfalls that will impact your mental health

Don’t forget that third item that needs tending on your farm, says a rural health specialist. “As many producers tend to their crops and livestock daily, they need to remember to also tend to themselves and their own well-being,” John Cale from Prairie Mountain Health told the Farm Outlook 2015 conference presented by the Dauphin

Time for a change

If you were trying to find someone to promote your cause to the general public, it’s not likely that you’d choose someone with the nickname “Dr. Evil” and had a reputation as a high-priced lobbyist fighting in favour of smoking, junk food consumption and drinking and driving. But that’s who the Manitoba Pork Council hired

Mixed messages on gestation stalls

The head of Manitoba Pork Council says his group hasn’t pledged to move away from sow stalls after all

Manitoba hog producers should dig in their heels and say no to phasing out gestation stalls. That was the message Rick Berman brought to the Manitoba Pork Council’s annual general meeting last week, in which he urged producers to go on the offensive against “animal rights lunatics.” “Get your head around the fact you’re in

Assess your risk before operating an ATV

Manitoba farmers use all terrain and off-road vehicles (ATVs and ORVs) to check fences and livestock, crop scout, spot spray and much more. No matter the task or the operator, there are hazards in driving an ATV or ORV, and a key part of any safety plan is to assess the risk and put SAFE

Keeping kids safe on the farm

Farms are family enterprises — and that means they’re one of the few workplaces where children often live and play on the same site where powered mobile equipment and hazardous materials are located. Every farmer’s safety and health plan should include precautions to protect children, whether their own or visiting relatives’ and neighbours’. Most incidents

Winter wonderland candle display

These candle holders are a good way to display votive candles and look especially nice when lit up. Supplies: Baby food jars (or other small jars) washed and dried Painting mat Spray glass frosting Glitter Small shallow container Modge Podge (available at craft supply stores) Paintbrush Old newspaper Ribbon Embellishments Glass plate or tray Epsom

Five factors to add to your animal welfare watch list in 2013

Alberta Beef Producers chair Doug Sawyer says livestock welfare issues 
become a permanent part of sustainable production

It’s a fact as clear as the rising sun on a crisp New Year’s Day morning over Doug Sawyer’s Pine Lake, Alberta, area ranchland. As 2013 kicks off, there’s no doubt the issue of livestock welfare has ascended to become a big and likely permanent part of the emerging “sustainability file” for global agriculture. “There’s

Manitoba Pork Council prepares for end of gestation stalls

Dealing with aggression, finding the best design, and retraining barn workers are some of 
the issues producers will have to deal with when they shift to open housing

If it’s time to update your hog barn or if you’re thinking about new equipment, then it’s also time to think about converting your sow gestation stalls to open-housing systems. “We’re working with the date of 2025, and we’re continuing to encourage producers to look at that date as well,” said Mark Fynn, animal care

Thoughts on Remembrance Day

Are we still remembering: The soldiers who left home to fight in a wartorn country? The soldiers who came back from war, their bodies and minds torn to pieces? When the doorbell rang and a messenger brought a message of death? This Remembrance Day we need to remember, and never forget, what our fathers, grandfathers