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Thoughts on Easter

We all have memories of highlights in our lives that may have happened last year or a few years ago. Let’s think about a historical moment happening some 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ was innocent, but was charged, convicted and sentenced to death on a cross. He took the punishment for our sins and paid

Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

The elderly farmer is watching a show where they are restoring old tractors. His eyes have a spark and I can see the love for farming on his face. A number of years ago he moved off the farm but was still able to put in a full day’s work. Now he is housebound, has

Thoughts on Remembrance Day

Are we still remembering: The soldiers who left home to fight in a wartorn country? The soldiers who came back from war, their bodies and minds torn to pieces? When the doorbell rang and a messenger brought a message of death? This Remembrance Day we need to remember, and never forget, what our fathers, grandfathers

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It is cloudy today and maybe we will get some rain. The farmers do not want any rain right now while they are trying to get the crop into the bins. For some it is a bountiful harvest, others are moaning and groaning about the water — the small quantity, and some lesser quality of

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

The three mothers are sitting together on the couch. Great-grandma was expecting her first child when she emigrated more than 50 years ago. It was not planned that way, but what a blessing this daughter has been. Now that I am getting older I can count on her for help if I need it. Grandma

Thoughts On Remembrance Day – for Nov. 10, 2011

The eyes of the veterans show grief and some openly weep when they are reminded of the war they fought in. They lost comrades and close friends. Many were hurt and some continue to suffer because of it. Today, soldiers still come home aching in body, mind and spirit. Some come home in coffins. The

Thoughts On Canada Day – for Jun. 30, 2011

July 1 is marked on my calendar as a special day. It has been many years since I became a Canadian citizen. I studied the book, memorized the anthem and stood proudly in front of the officials pledging my allegiance to the Queen. To be a Canadian citizen brought along privileges, responsibilities and obligations. I

Thoughts On Easter – for Apr. 21, 2011

Some of the stems of the little plants looked hairy when I brought several pots up from the basement. It is called a resurrection plant and was given to me several years ago by a friend. She also gave me some instructions on how to look after the plants after enjoying the flowers. In fall

Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

When I think of valentines the colour red comes to mind. The card is usually inside a red envelope and inside the card there may be red printing or a red heart. It gives a shy person an opportunity to express the love that is in his or her heart. Then there is the box