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Safely moving equipment

It’s a common sight on Manitoba roads – a large piece of farm equipment, slowly making its way to the next field or the equipment shed. And too often, it leads to a collision with another vehicle sharing the roadway. Motorists can easily be caught off guard, not aware of how much room the farm

Assess your risk before operating an ATV

Manitoba farmers use all terrain and off-road vehicles (ATVs and ORVs) to check fences and livestock, crop scout, spot spray and much more. No matter the task or the operator, there are hazards in driving an ATV or ORV, and a key part of any safety plan is to assess the risk and put SAFE

Keeping kids safe on the farm

Farms are family enterprises — and that means they’re one of the few workplaces where children often live and play on the same site where powered mobile equipment and hazardous materials are located. Every farmer’s safety and health plan should include precautions to protect children, whether their own or visiting relatives’ and neighbours’. Most incidents