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Piglet at a pig farm in Guizhou Province, China in May 2020.

Contaminated feed a risk that can’t be ignored, says expert

It’s clear that viruses, including African swine fever, can be transmitted via feed ingredients

New research is showing that animal feed can carry viruses, including the one that causes African swine fever. It’s a threat that must be thwarted, Scott Dee, veterinarian and director of applied research for Minnesota-based Pipestone Veterinary Services, told attendees at the virtual 2021 Banff Pork Seminar in January. “We’ve got to work together,” said

Five factors to add to your animal welfare watch list in 2013

Alberta Beef Producers chair Doug Sawyer says livestock welfare issues 
become a permanent part of sustainable production

It’s a fact as clear as the rising sun on a crisp New Year’s Day morning over Doug Sawyer’s Pine Lake, Alberta, area ranchland. As 2013 kicks off, there’s no doubt the issue of livestock welfare has ascended to become a big and likely permanent part of the emerging “sustainability file” for global agriculture. “There’s