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Consumers aren’t seeing autonomous vehicles driving up to their homes quite yet, but that day is not far in the future.

Comment: Battle of the middle mile

Automating food delivery between distribution hubs and stores a glimpse of the future

Loblaw is partnering with Gatik, an autonomous vehicle provider from the United States, to launch the first autonomous food delivery fleet. This is a solution for the “middle mile,” which will assure links between distribution centres and stores. Consumers will not see autonomous vehicles driving up to their homes yet, but that day will surely

Beyond Meat signage featured on a screen during the company's IPO at the Nasdaq Market site in New York, May 2, 2019.

Comment: Beyond Meat and the plant-based invasion

The Yankees are coming! Or at least their veggie burgers are

It was just a matter of time before we saw Beyond Meat, the California-based company partially owned by Bill Gates and meat-giant Tyson Foods, make a jump from drive-thrus to grocery store shelves. Beyond Meat recently announced that its vegan burger will be available at several large Canadian grocers beginning in May, just in time

Opinion: Amazon and Whole Foods – one year later

The blockbuster deal has forced domestic grocery giants to adapt quickly

One after the other, grocers are going virtual. All of them, at some point over the last 12 months, have announced some sort of commitment to an e-commerce strategy. Costco launched its home delivery pilot in Ontario, while Maxi’s, Loblaw’s discount stores in Quebec, were the latest to jump on the virtual bandwagon with their

Canadian food buyers are a complex lot, according to a newly released survey of them. PHOTO: CREATIVE COMMONS/LEFTOVERTURE

Reaching consumers a complicated challenge for the agri-food sector

Consumers are tribal these days, which makes talking to them tough

Farmers and food companies striving to better connect with consumers need to prepare for dealing with a diverse audience, says the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). “There is no single consumer group,” the centre says in a report on its 2017 Public Trust Survey on public attitudes on food issues. “Today’s consumers are diverse,

Empty Shopping Cart

Amazon and the slow death of the traditional grocery store

The Amazon effect means consumers will have greater choice and convenience – from their homes

The bricks-and-mortar food retailing model is losing its lustre in Canada. The signs are everywhere. Loblaws is the latest grocer to commit to home delivery. Starting in December, Canada’s leading food retailer has an ambitious plan to deliver food for a fee from coast to coast. The company has spent millions to make many of

Costco finds a willing and growing market in Canada

Same-store Canadian sales are up more than in any other country in which Costco operates

Unless you’re there on a Saturday, constantly trying to avoid collisions with oversized shopping carts, you probably like Costco, even though it will cost you more to shop there as of June. The basic membership fee is going up by $5 to $60, while premium folks will have to pay $120, up from $110. Paying

Britain’s food agency seeks stringent tests on beef products

reuters / Britain’s horsemeat scandal has prompted the Food Standards Agency to demand a more stringent meat-testing program from U.K.’s retailers. The agency has demanded that food retailers and suppliers test all beef products such as burgers, meatballs and lasagne and present their findings to the agency by February 15. Britain’s food industry has been

Activists turn investors in a bid to change farm practices

The Humane Society said it plans to introduce shareholder proposals next year promoting alternatives to sow stalls

The Humane Society of the United States has bought shares in four major financial services companies in a bid to use shareholder pressure to force two of the nation’s largest pork producers to stop housing pregnant sows in gestation stalls. The animal rights group said Aug. 31 that its investment — a relatively small $3,000