Britain’s food agency seeks stringent tests on beef products

reuters / Britain’s horsemeat scandal has prompted the Food Standards Agency to demand a more stringent meat-testing program from U.K.’s retailers.

The agency has demanded that food retailers and suppliers test all beef products such as burgers, meatballs and lasagne and present their findings to the agency by February 15.

Britain’s food industry has been rocked by an alarming rise in incidents of retailers recalling their beef products after tests revealed the presence of horsemeat in them.

Investigations into suppliers have been launched in recent weeks after revelations that beef products sold at major British supermarkets including Tesco and fast-food chain Burger King contained horsemeat.

Smaller retail chains Aldi, Lidl and Iceland have also sold beef products found to contain horse DNA.

Findus, a U.K.-based frozen food and seafood company, recently admitted that company’s beef lasagne, contained horsemeat.

Findus had recalled its beef lasagne from retailers earlier on advice from its French supplier, Comigel.

Food safety experts say horse DNA poses no added health risks to consumers, but the discovery has raised concerns about the food supply chain and the ability to trace meat ingredients.



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