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“It’s Good, Canada” will share personal stories of Canadians working across the food supply chain.

Two national campaigns launched for food supply chains

Food industry aims to inform consumers as COVID raises interest in food

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is launching a new campaign to inform consumers on how the food system works. “It’s Good, Canada” will share personal stories of Canadians working across the food supply chain and provide information about farming, transportation, processing, retail and production on its website, “It’s natural for Canadians to have an interest and

Editor’s Take: Food as a weapon

It’s hard to imagine how the heartbreaking loss of lives in a jetliner crash could translate into a bacon boycott, but welcome to the wild and wacky world of food politics. The reaction when Michael McCain, the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, took to Twitter to say what a lot of Canadians were feeling after

Farm Fresh Food Hub board co-chair Katie Daman announces confirmation of a provincial grant.

Farm Fresh Food Hub gets a financial boost from province

An influx of provincial cash will get a local food distribution off the ground, the Farm Fresh Food Hub announced September 25. “We’re really excited,” board co-chair Katie Daman told the assembled crowd at the “season finale” of the South Osborne Farmers’ Market. The Farm Fresh Food Hub is a non-profit community service co-op run

Livestock transportation is among the issues to be codified under a new funding arrangement.

Animal care code updates gain funding

This includes the livestock transport code which has been condemned for being out of date

The National Farmed Animal Care Council (NFACC) will receive up to $4.56 million from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership to update important livestock care codes including the controversial animal transport one. The funding was announced by Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and will also be used by NFACC to update its dairy and goat care codes and

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Comment: Is food dividing Canada?

Social media and other communications seem to be driving the wedge deeper, not healing the rift

For many years, farmers have tried to convey their message, their lifestyles really, to an undereducated populace when it comes to agriculture and rural Canada. They have taken to social media with touching stories and countless messages, telling Canadians what things are like out on the farm. Some called it “agvocacy.” But Canada’s new food

Evan Fraser says Canada needs to protect and build on its quality and sustainability brand to succeed in the future.

Canada brand needs building, protecting

If the federal government wants to build Canada’s food exports, it needs to lay the groundwork for a global brand

If Ottawa really wants to boost Canadian agri-food exports, the country needs to enhance its reputation as a supplier of sustainably produced safe food. That’s according to Evan Fraser, the Canada research chair in global food security at the University of Guelph. The Barton report of 2016 and followup work by various agri-food groups have

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Opinion: A love letter to you

Because of you, Canada’s food supply is some of the safest and most accessible in the world. Food in Canada is affordable, nutritious and backed by years and years of science and regulatory controls. These facts can sometimes be taken for granted or completely disregarded. With fearmongering headlines and the general misunderstanding of what goes

A younger, more affluent urban generation wants companies to deliver on higher quality and more transparency.

Meet your new boss, same as the old boss

Your key customers are reacting to the shifting demands of their key customers

The only Washington, D.C.-area team having a worse year than the Baltimore Orioles is big food’s biggest, richest lobbying arm, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or the GMA. Most American farmers and ranchers don’t know GMA by its acronym; they do, however, know its work: it was the organizer and chequebook behind the defeat of several

A woman in her 50's shops in a local outdoor agriculture market with fresh, organic local fruits and vegetables. She smiles as she compares different vegetables for ripeness. Horizontal image with copy space.

Comment: Cupboard economics

Canadians love to support Canadian food but there are financial and production realities at play

In a nutshell, here is what happened following the G7 Summit: Trudeau plays nice with Trump, Trump tears Trudeau apart on social media, Trudeau plays nice again. While Trudeau showed very Canadian diplomacy, poise and resilience, the Canadian public seems to be taking another approach. Everywhere on social media, Canadians are encouraging one another to

Comeau: A measly $292.50 that could have changed it all

Comeau: A measly $292.50 that could have changed it all

Interprovincial trade will remain hidebound to internal protectionism, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling on interprovincial trade barriers is a significant loss for consumers and our Canadian economy, but a great win for inertia. The Comeau case was never just about beer. It was essentially about enabling our domestic economy across the country to thrive. For the agri-food sector, the decision would have had