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“Land not paying for itself is more likely to occur now given the ratio of land prices to farm revenues...” – J.P. Gervais, Farm Credit Canada.

What’s the driving force behind Manitoba farmland values?

KAP is going over the Manitoba Farm Lands Ownership Act with a fine-tooth comb

The only way for a young person to acquire farmland, the joke goes, is through the church, since it takes a funeral or a wedding. An inheritance or marriage aren’t the only ways, but the quip underscores that high land prices make it difficult for beginning farmers. “It’s extremely frustrating for me and many young farmers in this area (near Elie,

The Whitewater Lake area has been a focus of Ducks Unlimited activity — and land ownership.

Conservation groups defend owning farmland in Manitoba

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) want to be good neighbours and support the rural communities they work in, officials from both organizations say. “I believe KAP and us share a desire to have rural areas that have a strong agriculture and a healthy environment and economically prosperous residents,” Cary Hamel, NCC’s director of conservation for

Gabe Brown is pictured while hosting a field tour on his North Dakota operation in October 2015.

Cover cropping – tips of the trade

Cover crop grower Gabe Brown says the best place to start when designing a species mix is to understand what your field needs and find the species that best addresses those issues

The first step to success using cover crops is defining the problem you need to fix. Gabe Brown, a North Dakota farmer and cover crop advocate, told an April 6 Ducks Unlimited grazing club meeting in Lenore that too often farmers plant before they truly have a strategy. “The first thing you need to do

One step closer to surface water regulations

The province is aiming to reduce red tape and nutrient loading with newly tabled legislation

The Manitoba government has tabled long-discussed legislation aimed at safeguarding the province’s waterways. “We are fundamentally changing the way we protect wetlands and are taking a fresh approach to ensure clear water for future generations right across the province,” said Tom Nevakshonoff, minister of conservation and water stewardship. “Every action has a consequence and we

The area is being destroyed by too much water.

Whitewater Lake region under threat

Excess water covering dikes and boardwalks and burying farmland and roads

On a recent visit to Whitewater Lake in southwestern Manitoba, my husband and I were dismayed to see first hand the impact that excess water is having on the area. Years ago we made our first trip there and enjoyed walking on the long dikes and boardwalks, surrounded by a variety of water birds and

Trees along Riverbank’s property are visibly scarred from the prolonged stay of flood waters. Many of the organization’s major projects and river-bottom forest have also been washed away after two record-setting floods.

Waterlogged organization encourages water stewardship

Rain barrels have long provided cost savings and conservation opportunities 
but this time they are being offered with a community kickback

After two devastating floods, Brandon’s Riverbank Inc. has been barely left afloat and is now looking to raise funds to rebuild, all the while keeping water stewardship in mind. “We are excited for this initiative. It will allow us to offer the public a chance to purchase a quality rain barrel for their home or

The value of wetlands and impact of their drainage have been the subject of many studies.

Wetland count begins in southwestern Manitoba

Project will reveal distribution and interaction of wetlands in agro-Manitoba

Water and land managers will soon have a precise picture of the state of wetlands in southwestern Manitoba as staff with the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corp. begin a mapping and classification project this spring. Wetlands as small as a quarter of an acre will be included in the study designed to help farmers and drainage

MAFRD has been measuring soil temperatures in four winter wheat fields (see CropChatter link in main article). Plotting soil temperatures against various “hardiness” curves can provide an early indication if there is a concern for winter injury or winterkill.

Manitoba winter wheat OK so far, but fingers crossed for no cold snaps

An advisory committee is monitoring conditions to see if the April 10 
fertilizer prohibition can be lifted early

So far, so good sums up the condition of Manitoba’s winter wheat crop, although an extended cold snap could still damage it. In the meantime, an advisory committee was to meet Monday to consider whether to allow farmers to fertilize their fields, including winter wheat, before April 10 when the seasonal fertilizer application prohibition is

From left: Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn along with Canadian Cattlemen’s Association Ramona Byth, Manitoba Beef Producers president Heinz Reimer and Brandon-Souris MP Larry Maguire announced funding for a new research project geared toward sustainable beef production.

Governments invest in sustainable beef production research

Several organizations will partner to develop two demonstration sites near Brandon

The federal and provincial governments have announced $3.1 million in support over three years for applied research on sustainable beef production at two sites near Brandon. Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Minister Ron Kostyshyn and Brandon-Souris MP Larry Maguire were on hand at the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting here last week to

Canola Council joins coalition for bee health road map

A diverse group of corporate entities join together 
with beekeepers as the Honey Bee Health Coalition

The Canola Council of Canada has joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a North American coalition of more than 30 organizations, in the hopes of improving pollinator numbers. “We’re really dependent on pollinators to have seed stocks for this 20-million-acre industry, so obviously we want that relationship to continue,” said Gregory Sekulic, who represents the