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Farmers getting caught in regulatory net

Here in Ontario, over the next four years, poultry and livestock producers who use unvented gas heaters in their facilities will be required to have them verified for proper installation. According to Section 7.36 of the Gaseous Fuels Code, Technical Standard and Safety Authority (TSSA) requires a professional engineer to verify installations for farmers to

Land use policies challenge new farmers

New farmers face many challenges as they attempt to get established in the business of farming. Last week we examined the issues of farm size and financial risk from the perspective of starting farmers. This week we will look at land use policy relating to new farmers. This issue was brought to our attention by

Keep The Prison Farms

It’s hardly surprising to hear that the six prison farms operated by Corrections Canada across the country collectively cost $4 million annually. Farming is a complex business – one that calls for skills that aren’t necessarily compatible with the skills or training required to successfully operate a prison. A lot of career farmers can’t make

Cattle Producers Warn Against New Farm Group Plan

Manitoba cattle producers have expressed concern about a provincial government proposal requiring every farmer to belong to a general farm organization. The plan, still under discussion, would require all farmers in Manitoba to register their operations and select a general farm organization to belong to. Producers would then pay a mandatory direct membership fee instead

Future Of Ontario Single Desk In Limbo

Ontario’s hog producers are hanging in limbo on when or whether the pork board will lose its single-desk marketing powers April 1. Things might get clearer after a pre-hearing conference by the Ontar io Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs tribunal March 9. One of the key issues is whether all of the changes at Ontario