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Lower Supplies Ease COOL Effects

Declining pork and beef supplies in the United States have temporarily eased the impact on Canadian farmers of mandatory country-of- origin labelling (COOL), says market analyst Kevin Grier of the George Morris Centre. However, when U.S. supplies increase, Grier predicts Canadian prices will again fall below U.S. levels as U.S. packers renew their reluctance to

West Hawk Lake Now Divides East And West

West Hawk Lake is up and running as a biosecurity dividing point between Eastern and Western Canada. It has taken 10 years to implement the project, formally known as the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative, said Curtis Littlejohn, a director of Ontario Pork and the Canadian Pork Council. The Manitoba community near the Ontario border

Ontario Vet Sanctioned

An Ontario veterinarian who illicitly harvested dairy embryos, falsified documents and misrepresented them to export customers has had his licence to practice suspended for six months. Dr. Brian Hill of Woodstock, Ont. was sanctioned by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario following a recent disciplinary hearing. He was earlier convicted of criminal fraud and sentenced

Air Pollutants Eyed From Poultry Barns

The federal government could shut down barns because they emit toxic air pollutants. It hasn’t happened yet, nor is it likely to happen without plenty of warning. But the fact remains that the gases and tiny particles coming from barns include ones that are officially deemed toxic and open to regulation. Dr. Bill Van Heyst,

Drying Corn Can Lock Away Its Feed Energy

One of the risks involved with using Ontario’s 2009 corn crop for poultry is the amount of drying required. It might have destroyed enzymes, and some protein and energy might be bonded to each other and not available to poultry. That’s according to Dr. Mike Leslie, poultry nutritionist for Masterfeeds, at a producer update meeting

Many Pigeon King Investors Out Of Luck

There is little hope that farmers who invested in pigeons will get anything out of the personal bankruptcy of Pigeon King Arlen Galbraith, judging by a preliminary report from Susan Taves of BDO Dunwoody. Among those creditors are 22 from Manitoba. About two dozen people showed up for a meeting of creditors here recently and

Pigeon King Bankruptcy Proceeds

The Pigeon King, Arlan Galbraith, has about $376,000 worth of assets to cover almost $700,000 worth of claims in his personal bankruptcy case. They at least have some hope of recovering some money, whereas most of the investors who dealt with Pigeon King International Inc. will get nothing because the company had nothing left to

Pigeon King Declares Bankruptcy

in There are contracts Arlan Galbraith, the Pigeon King, has yielded to creditor pressure and has gone into personal bankruptcy. His lawyer filed a “consent decree” in Superior Court in London, avoiding a hearing where witnesses were prepared to testify about his failure to honour contracts to buy breeding-stock pigeons. The next steps are now

Ontario Vet Convicted Of Genetic Fraud

An Ontario veterinarian has been sentenced to jail for what has been called “the largest case of genetic fraud in the history of the Canadian dairy industry.” Dr. Brian Hill, who pleaded guilty to the charges against him, was sentenced to one year by Judge Peter Isaacs in provincial court, but will serve only three