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Opinion: Animal activism and farmer safety

The Crown’s recent decision to drop charges against an animal activist has fuelled frustration, fear, and action in Ontario’s farming community. The activist, who video-recorded herself breaking into a barn near Lucan and stealing two pigs, belongs to a group that opposes animal agriculture. On May 1st, the Crown attorney’s office in London dropped break-and-enter

Farmers want to do what is best now and for years to come.

Opinion: Gaining consumer confidence in the agri-food industry

Canada’s agri-food industry is moving forward with ways to strengthen and build its relationship with consumers. As consumers are more and more interested with what they eat and how it is produced, the industry needs to send a positive message. After all, the customer is always right. Recently Farm & Food Care Ontario hosted a

Opinion: Cleaning up the landscape

Opinion: Cleaning up the landscape

The recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling which requires bankrupt oil companies to be held responsible for cleaning up inactive oil wells, is a welcome decision. When companies file for bankruptcy protection, paying off creditors was usually the only order of business. Now monies need to be committed to cleaning up their mess left out

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Opinion: The glyphosate challenge

The roller-coaster ride for the use of glyphosate continues due to recent rulings in California and Brazil. These decisions have been closely watched by both those who see the need to use this product and by those who are concerned about its effects on human health. Recently a California judge rejected Monsanto’s appeal of a

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Opinion: The cannabis connection

With the legalization of recreational marijuana upon us, have we fully considered the influence this new commodity will have on agriculture? For instance, food production may be affected through competition for farmland and farming expertise. Also, international trade partners may take greater caution when importing Canadian food products. Under the federal legislation to legalize the

Canadian dairy cows produce roughly 8,500 litres of milk per cow per year.

Opinion: Counting cows

Comparing the shelf price of milk in other countries is far too simplified a way of trying to compare complex differences between complete systems of producing and marketing milk. The CFFO prides itself on considering agricultural issues not only from an economic perspective. Last week’s commentary considered the social impacts of Canada’s supply management system,

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Opinion: Technology over time

Using technology successfully on the farm is about attitude, not age. That’s the message the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario heard this summer from tech expert Peter Gredig. Gredig, a cash cropper and partner at AgNition Inc., was our guest speaker. Gredig, who describes himself as “mobile biased,” argues that every farmer can use new

Opinion: Have better conversations around agriculture

Recently the Farm and Food Care Ontario speakers’ program hosted speaker Tamar Haspel who described how to reach out to the public in ways that spark people’s interest and encourage engagement in meaningful discussion. Connecting with a public audience is a skill that seems to be at a premium in today’s conversations surrounding agriculture. Haspel

Opinion: What’s the future of farm groups?

What is the future of farm organizations? How can they continue to make an impact? What do they need to change? Those were the weighty topics the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario asked guest speaker Rene Van Acker to tackle during its annual meeting and leadership summit in late March. Van Acker is dean of

Making room

Early this month, the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario’s supply management committee hosted representatives from Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO), and Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) to discuss their efforts to attract new entrants. The familiar story is that it’s impossible for young people to get into agriculture, and especially